Unearthed Emotion
because I have had 
unfathomed suffering 
lived many years
physical and mental abuse
unfathomed suffering
wall did not crumble 
with a wink and a smile
patience and undying love
unearthed emotions of my heart
unearthed emotion
I can now inhale the breeze
of sincerity and truth
embrace the taste of joy 
your love endowed me
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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a loner I amshush...am a loner
stranger to all
am a poet, a writer
not an interactor
so excuse my silence
when you attempt 
to be cordial
my words only exist
on a page full of ink
if a response you are seeking
inside me a peeking 
best turn aside
I won’t be plied
I’ll simply balk
at your attempt for small talk
so go on your way
do have a good day
no ill feelings exist
but solitude is my bliss
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Watch Me Fly
everyone with demands
wits end if you do
damned if you don’t
not enough of me
to go around
trying to stay sound
crawled into a cocoon
wove myself out of sight
right out of everyone’s lifewatch me fly
right into the dwelling
of my own desires
set on fire
watch me burn
satisfying all I yearn
no more holding back
no advice given ear
living without fear
need no validation
or approval
life is my own
I call the shots
I tell you all
make your own path
on an axis of your choosing
leave beggars
critical peers
let them bury their own souls
create your destiny
leave the others to mutiny
if you listen to all
life will be stalled
and the regret 
will be your own
so give no heed
to those who would bleed
your soul
no one can make you whole
you alone create
the banquet plate
delicacies of life
regardless of the strife
of preparation
make your declaration
now is the time
life can be sublime
it’s now
do or die
taking back my wings
watch me fly
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Heartbreak is Heading Your Way
do you find my anguish laughableheartbreak
that my emotions were deep and vulnerable
you were able to crucify my heart
don’t think yourself so smart
everyone stumbles over love
heartbreak will arrive when least expected
even the carefree finally fall in love 
to suffer the anguish most violently
it is the scoundrels such as yourself
who blame and become embittered 
when the heartbreak blow is struck
yet such will be your luck 
it is when the blade pierces your heart
you’ll fall to your knees when love departs
realization will strike a might blow
you’ll wish you had never let me go 
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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To A Unknown Dream
woke up in a sweat
terror running thru my blood
body trembles
like a rumbling earthquake
what is this nightmare
left me shaken
I cannot recall
how do I escape
my slumberous self
will this nightmare return
to do me more harm
so I bleed this fear
cry some tears
calm my edges
with a poem
to an unknown dream
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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Love’s Extraordinary Dream
it’s an ordinary life
living together as onelove's dream
monday begins work week humdrum
tuesday settles into routine 
wednesday laundry, thursday shop
friday gearing down for saturday fun
sunday ice cream with cherries on top
but oh how special the nights 
romance in the air and all is right
you and I under the moonlite
held in your arms
a lover’s delight
seduced by your charms
vanquished lonely nights
you always by my side
love in your eyes
passion that abides
adoration filled with pride
trust in your stride
daily growing as a team
transforms life’s ordinary ride
into love’s extraordinary dream 
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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agitated is the nighthalloween
stormed by a breed barbaric
ritual dance, wildly delirium
evil apparition in a bonfire light
bloodlust is the creed set on
hallowing saints of yore
seeking a sacrifice to bleed
Halloween night time to recede
indoors is safety this wicked night
till the moon gods slumber
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Mischief Night
out of the darkness
once upon a midnight
from indigo void
appeared a light
out of the darkness
causing a fright
a haunting howl
a voice in the night
out of the darkness
my shoulder alight
branch-like fingers
my cells felt the blight
out of the darkness
out of the darkness
is this a wight
out to harm me
perhaps just a sprite
out of the darkness
prepared to take flight
a whisper of assurance
‘fear not, all is right’
out of the darkness
a figure in sight
recognition a friend
playing tricks on mischief night
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
Posted in response to a prompt on ‘repitition’ @ dverse  
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Get Out of the Rut With a Road Trip
If you find yourself in a rut, life is the same old rerun take a road trip.  A different horizon, if even for only a few days, can clear your head, lift your spirits, fill you with a new perspective, and present challenge. 
If you’re city born and bred, a road trip through wide open spaces will blow your mind. You develop an appreciation for how much open country there is when you drive through the plains in Texas, the plateaus of New Mexico, Rocky mountains of Colorado and desert of Arizona.
road tripping

Olathe, Ks

I’ve always opted for road trips rather than flying as my means of travel. Having road tripped the majority of the U.S. countryside, I have been able to observe the differences in the terrain from state to state. Not only countryside varies but each state has culture peculiarities. I have driven through horrendous hail storms in Arkansas, drove the outskirts of a tornado in Kansas, experienced a blinding dust storm in Arizona, watched tumbleweeds cross my path on a Texas highway. A powerful roar of the ocean as rolling waves beat down on the shores edge along a seaside road on a moonlit night was my music  on the western coast of Florida. Each event is a wonder that fills up your senses and recaptures your youth.
Undergo the historical landmarks, and dissimilar architecture of different cultures and geographical locations. Some places are so steeped in the country’s history that you can almost sense the characters of generations past, experiencing their triumphs and defeats. Another amusing facet of road trips are the names of towns and streets and the history behind those names. Some of these places have local legends that will make your blood run cold.
To fully enjoy and educate yourself a road trip does not have to be a three day trip as the one I recently embarked on. Short road trips within your state to a historical or recreational landmark can be just as exhilarating.
road trip

Granite Mountains Prescott Valley, Arizona

Pack up an ice chest with drinks, fruit and sandwiches, or carry energy bars, granola and dried fruit and venture out on the free flowing road with a destination in view. Don’t forget the camera and plenty of batteries. 
So, the next time you find yourself bored and living the same daily rerun, break the routine with a road trip. At the very least you will arrive home educated, inspired, with a new perspective and lots of pictures and stories to share. 
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved 
This article was in response to the prompt “Journey” @ dverse
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As the Willow Weeps
strolled the twisted garden path
early dawn, faint luminance parting clouds
hazy shadows in the morning mist
your spirit felt in a wispy reverie
as the willow weeps
fettered emotions broke free
river of tears as memories wept
dispirited bosom hanging low
mourning love as the willow weeps
 ©dorianna ric
all rights reserved 
Written for Quadrille night for the prompt ‘early’ @ dverse
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