A Marriage Proposal

You speak your marriage promises
as you take my hand in yours
I look deep into your loving eyes
as you kneel upon the floor.

Insightful patience has taught me
the wisdom of your years
I listen to your promises
Your adoration dispels my fears.

My joyful heart affirms your love
To its urgings I acquiesce
With trust I open up my soul
Love’s shower dispels all loneliness

I have waited for you all my days
through the sorrow and the strife
Now here you kneel ring in hand
asking me to be your wife.

The anguish of my loveless life
the memories of the pain,
All vanish as you touch my face
with your whispers say my name.

Once still I feel my senses stirred
Awakened from sleep, I am now free
I hear the birds, I feel the breeze
the scent of lilies embraces me.

There were times that I was certain
A love for me would come too late
You knelt and whispered lifetime promises
I understood real love is worth the wait.

© Dorianna 2011

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