A Melody of Love

This sonnet is now a powerful love song;  a collaboration between the poet Dorianna Ric,  talented musician Evan Paul Kozaris and singing sensation Stephanie Matos.  Listen to the musical production of Melody of Love by clicking the recorder below.

Side note: If you desire a personal recording of Melody of Love click here   Melody of Love  to download the song for a $1.00

Lines that etch your gentle face
the comfort of your warm embrace
the out pour of your total devotion
uninhibited honest emotion

These cherished things
inspire my heart to sing
a melody of love

The strength of character you display
providing protection every way
Giving support in all I achieve
approval glances on a quiet eve
These cherished things
inspire my heart to sing
a melody of love

The twinkle in your smiling eyes
a whisper of awakening sighs
sensual stirring the morning after
teasing kisses and hearty laughter
These cherished things
inspire my heart to sing
a melody of love

Outpour of comfort when things are amiss
a heart overflowing with romantic bliss
Your quiet resolve when we disagree
to end the argument peacefully
These cherished things
inspire my heart to sing
a melody of love

In a twinkling life for me had changed
all the colors rearranged
love’s profusion, passion’s heat
I’m overflowing, at last complete
These cherished things
inspire my heart to sing
a melody of love

With implicit trust I give my all
no doubt or fear, there are no walls
Each day my love grows deep and strong
love that endures a lifetime long
These cherished things
inspire my heart to sing
a melody of love

Lyrics © Dorianna 2010

Music © Evan Paul 2010




37 thoughts on “A Melody of Love

    1. so true Claudia..rare to find, yet, so rewarding when it is. The words were written as an honor to the relationship my father and stepmother had for over 50 years before he passed.

  1. And this is why I’m grateful to live in this era of technology. The internet allows me to come in direct contact with talents like yours. I read the words and related to them because I’ve been fortunate enough to know the kind of love you write about. And you write beautifully. The song is lovely.

    1. You are quite welcome..thank you for listening/reading. It was an honor to work with Evan Paul..he gave my words life with his music and far surpassed my expectations.

  2. I keep playing and replaying this song. It’s haunting. It brings tears to my eyes. How serene and beautiful. Words elude me. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your devotion to my song. If you go to Evan Paul’s site by clicking his name in the credits, the song can be downloaded if you want your own copy. We were tremendously overjoyed how well the collaboration turned out. Of course I am thrilled that you return to my blog. Many thanks

  3. Hi lovely lady…your words are so beautiful..I hope everything is okay…I miss your tweets and I hope you come back..your voice is too precious to not share with the world:)

    1. Thank you Michele…you honor me and make me blush. I will be back in a while. Wanting to take time to do some writing and some deep reflecting on things. You have made me feel wonderful coming by with such lovely sentiment. I promise not to stay away too long.

  4. Thank you for shining a warm light on these deep and secretive treasures that patiently lays there,unspoken,
    in the chamber, deep inside human´s heart and soul.
    And just waiting for to be seen,understood and gently touched by a loving hand..
    I love the way you so beautifully describes what you see in your “inner world”..How you are letting the waves of emotions and wisdom be translated into words and become transformed into amazing poems.

    Thank you for that you are sharing your precious words and your insight with the world!

    Your friend,

  5. Thank you Wilma…glad you enjoyed listening. My friends Evan (music composer) and Stephanie (singer) added such beauty to my lyrics.

  6. Your words and visuals are beatufiful.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    I could not ‘listen’ as my speakers are not connected. I’ll save the site and come back another day.

    Continue onward Dorianna, you have a talent!

    🙂 Say ” hi there” to Miz. Ellie

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