As the Willow Weeps
strolled the twisted garden path
early dawn, faint luminance parting clouds
hazy shadows in the morning mist
your spirit felt in a wispy reverie
as the willow weeps
fettered emotions broke free
river of tears as memories wept
dispirited bosom hanging low
mourning love as the willow weeps
 ©dorianna ric
all rights reserved 
Written for Quadrille night for the prompt ‘early’ @ dverse
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31 thoughts on “As the Willow Weeps

  1. I love the W’s. Willows some of my fav trees, especially as image in poem. Very smooth voice and east pace to give time to stir emotions you intended. I enjoyed much.

  2. I really felt the contrast, the change from the idyll of the peaceful garden, the reverie in the shadowy garden with its faint luminance, to the breaking free of the fettered emotions, which are then projected onto the willow so vividly, Dorianna.

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