Ash of Creativity


Solitude is the ash of creativity
we who delve into philosophies
wondering this pondering that
what why when and wherefores
who feel with the intensity
of inflicted stab wounds
raging fires that blaze eternally
who hear the voices of the elders
moved to speak the wisdom of gods
the creative poet is a solitary creature
touching another only momentarily
the creative are not of this world
our obsession lies in our prison
our breath our lifeblood ~ our words
our destiny to bleed the truth

solitude is the ash of creativity

© Dorianna 2012


2 thoughts on “Ash of Creativity

  1. Solitude, though, is the Phoenix ash from which a new flame arises, it is not a dead ash, within it lies the embryos of thoughts to come, fresh visions.

    Thank you for this. I like it very much.

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