Black Lagoon

I drowned in a black lagoon
of disparagement
accusations echoing
as I was going down
certain it was my final demise

to my surprise
I fell right thru
the murky bottom
to reach the light of truth
on the other side

resurrected to freedom
from my despair
with the strength to survive
any voice that would dare

to wield a weapon
in opposition to my efforts
or raise a slanderous assault
against my pride

©dorianna 2013

20 thoughts on “Black Lagoon

  1. Very nicely done, the poem & the message. Sometimes, usually probably, the truth that sets you free is only reached by going through a black lagoon or two!

  2. Very vivid imagery… To fall through the bottom into the light.. and such comforting end.

    I can however never get rid of the image of the image of that creature of the black lagoon… a film scaring me when I was a kid…

  3. Beautifully worded… and from the words of another great artist, Paul Pena, in the song “Jet Airliner” (popularized by the Steve Miller Band): “Sometimes you have to go through hell before you get to Heaven….” You magically achieved that in less than 5 stanzas! Enjoyed this very much…. My philosphy exactly….

  4. Another dimension of wisdom, what is difficult in the present is less onerous in the past. Strength comes, it is brewing all the while.

  5. smiles…it is often in those hardest times….when we find our real strength and become all the stronger for it…i am glad you found freedom in truth on the other side…

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