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My Soul Had Died



random misgivings
no sense
no cohesion
observing life
through clouded eyes
silent screams
frightening recollections
wicked deeds in silence
creeping on the child at sleep
dirty secrets
never tell
threatening whispers
yes! madness
madness is her hell
madness serves her well

© Dorianna 2012

Hideaway Cocoon

‘Please’ was his adjuration
the consuming empty ache
silent screams of urgency
to be released from prison walls
‘Love me” the effusion
from his cubicle of hell
’embrace me’ desperate yearning
within his heart and loins

‘Yes’ she cried out bravely
to his lonely heartfelt plea
as she willingly extended
her heart to set him free
her embrace of tenderness
should have allayed his ache
loving blanket of safety
that his heart may never break

Love he begged~ she gave
a future filled with hope
‘you found me’ he shouted
in momentary joy
Stark was the moment
when vulnerability set in
enwrapping his heart
with the demon of misgiving
he spun his hideaway cocoon

© Dorianna 2012




Where the felicitous moments
feminine foretokens
that created her a woman
hidden in pain, walled up
mortar and brick enclosure
chip chip crumble the wall
crack the exterior
watch as it falls

Is there emptiness
can passion be revived
she touches herself
where men use to enter
tears, indicative of life
darkness in her mind
hiding terrors endured
unspoiled memories obscured

Door of apprehension
long locked with scars
lover’s touch, is it the key
who will search, set her free
will she awaken her icy sleep
butterfly in glorious flight
or remain a stifled caterpillar
crushed cocoon in dark of night 

© Dorianna 2012




Ash of Creativity


Solitude is the ash of creativity
we who delve into philosophies
wondering this pondering that
what why when and wherefores
who feel with the intensity
of inflicted stab wounds
raging fires that blaze eternally
who hear the voices of the elders
moved to speak the wisdom of gods
the creative poet is a solitary creature
touching another only momentarily
the creative are not of this world
our obsession lies in our prison
our breath our lifeblood ~ our words
our destiny to bleed the truth

solitude is the ash of creativity

© Dorianna 2012


Eternal Sea


I return to the sea every day now
where we shared our final moments
a last climb to climatic rapture
bliss now a bittersweet memory

Your touch in my thoughts still arouse
tasting salty kisses in ocean spray
I hear your whispers of endearing love
looking towards the sea you are not there

The sea took you from me that dreadful day
today I’ll beckon the deep blue sea
bury me beneath your waves ~ set me free
to join my love in eternity

© Dorianna 2011

Waiting Game

Waiting . waiting . waiting . expectation
a waiting game of disappointments
convinced each time will be different
she waits . hopes . cries in realization

He never shows up anymore
leaves her with a heart that’s sore
bound by love . habit she can’t break
he makes promises . and she waits and waits

© Dorianna 2011

Fame is a Fading Whisper

from her seaside ivory tower
empty now of gaiety
to the rocky shore’s edge
deep into the dark blue sea

a foreboding call she answered
seeking eternal quietude
until all that remained
a sheet that wrapped her naked body

an eternal accolade
for a star’s final performance
lifted by trade winds
floating to the heavens
fame is a fading whisper

©dorianna 2012


Alone in the forest
she circles in trepidation
carnivorous creatures all
her heart ~ her soul
their endless focus
her misery their torturous delight
her madness their destructive goal

the trees provide no shelter  
mock her search for acceptance
the birds of prey ~ vultures
waiting her final collapse
she circles her dark prison
whirling deep deeper into an abyss

screaming for a word of comfort
a hand held out in warmth
an understanding heart
to long she’s wept alone
tired of the forest
the taunting continues
the derision her anguish

she has fought too long
for a way out of the forest
she begs the beasts
devour me at last
free me from this torment
they do not care
they do not listen
her torment is their mirth

© Dorianna 2011

She Waits


Sandy footprints salty sea

thundering waves echo emptiness

of a love long gone

year after year she waits

alone at the shoreline

for her sailor’s return

© Dorianna 2011

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