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Winds of Love

one summer daywinds of love
love rambled in
on a borrowed breeze
settled in my heart

came October winds
love drifted away
with the rustle
of felled autumn leaves










Celebrate the Music of the Earth

music is alive
in the hearts of men
music-of-the-earth2-110x150in the roar that is heard
in the lion’s den

in the morning song
of the meadow lark
in the electric spark
lighting the skies
in the stormy dark

gardens may whither
man’s work may falter
music in creation
will renew celebration

the song that lives
in the soul of the earth
will never grow old
land and the seas
skies and the breeze
will sing of its recreation

©dorianna 2013 All rights reserved

Blue Memory




you were a champion of spunk
my joy
unconditional love
always at the door
a joyous tail wagging greeting
we traveled the country
from the east to the west
climbing boulders..walking beaches
exploring mountain trails
barely escaped the Javelina
because of your excited bark

six pounds of tireless energy
right up til the end
fearless against your peers
five times your size
each new crazy adventure
you were an explorer
sniffing out the trail
settling right in like a pioneer
 never a bother
you were my daily cheer

16 years we were a team
I have to admit
life is a little boring
since your departure
your antics..full of personality
we fit perfectly
right from the start
you owned my heart
you will always be a part
of my memories..of my soul

©Dorianna 2013



Treasures of Life

golden leaves dancing
to earth in the fall
storm’s end in a rainbow
experienced in awe
blazing sunset paints
an ocean in gold
miraculous beauty
the eye to behold

scent of a flower
in full bloom of spring
a morning choir
song birds on wing
whispered ‘I love you’
embrace for good measure
abundance of love
overflowing its treasure

baby animals frolic
in Mother Nature’s wild
gurgles of joy gushing
from an infant child
kiss from a lover
ease the day’s strife
unmatchable treasure
the beauty of life

©Dorianna 2013

Third Eye Illumination




Freedom In My Spirit


majestic lion King of the Jungle
efficacious ~ instilling deference
in the hearts of man and beast
confident ~ walks with courage
formidable prowess ~ mighty hunter
a fighter with an untiring spirit
powerful~ prepared to accept challenge

With similar bravado I face life
stouthearted ~ courage in my loins
conquering my fears ~ confident
undaunted I go forth ~ I accomplish
knocked down I arise to start again
with wings unclipped  I soar upward
forging my way with panache
living boldly with freedom in my spirit

© Dorianna 2011


Babbling Brook


Remember when we would walk
and sit by the edge of the brook
listening to it babble our love song
musky smell of moss covered rocks
arousing our senses with desire

afternoon breeze caressing our skin
your moistened kiss shaping my lips
immersed in the discovery of new love
lets take a walk by the brook today
and remember when we first fell in love

© Dorianna 2011


Ethereal Butterfly

 ethereal butterfly of purest white
gold dipped wings, truth and light
highest esteemed ~ a quiet life
love renown, your sight a delight
you grace my life with a delicate touch
a whisper of celestial love

© Dorianna 2011

Sensual Spirituality


The journey to genuine spirituality
is not a gray bloodless pathway
void of animation lacking vibrancy
demanding abstention of the earth’s gifts

Spiritual cognizance opens to an encompassing
chromatic rainbow of sensory wonder
extending the invitation to experience
all creation with enlivened senses

Deny the sensuality of your created self
is to rebuke the beauty of a blazing sunset
denounce the magic of holding a newborn child
or curse the fragrance of a garden of roses
It is the sensual ~ every titillating nerve ending
experiencing awakened sensory sensations
rendering an all-embracing wonderment
stirring the curiosity that elucidates

A life rich in sensory experience
is an education in the seasons of life
earthly pathway to universal discernment
illumining the eternal spiritual self



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