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Agony is a Dancer

the dancer performs
spins through the air
erotic gestures
a flirtatious flair
sensual inflammation
a luring elicitation
a provocative snare drum beats pounding rhythm
to erotic bumps and grinds
pole gyrations
around she winds
hidden from the crowd
her agonizing tears
internal pain that whines shards of desolation
illusion on the dance floor
esurient menfolk
hunger for an encore
waving dollars with a dare
agony counts the minutes
dancer screams ‘no more’

©dorianna 2015

I Am Alive

a pervasive stalker ever-present
your scent an encircling mist
your whisper in the rustling trees
your kiss in the morning breezeAlive

torrid passion like the sun’s blaze
admiration in your piercing gaze
laughter like a burbling stream
enticing me in delicious dreams

walking with you in every way
calefacient thoughts every day
senses filled to overflowing
I breathe you in
I am alive

© Dorianna 2012






Where the felicitous moments
feminine foretokens
that created her a woman
hidden in pain, walled up
mortar and brick enclosure
chip chip crumble the wall
crack the exterior
watch as it falls

Is there emptiness
can passion be revived
she touches herself
where men use to enter
tears, indicative of life
darkness in her mind
hiding terrors endured
unspoiled memories obscured

Door of apprehension
long locked with scars
lover’s touch, is it the key
who will search, set her free
will she awaken her icy sleep
butterfly in glorious flight
or remain a stifled caterpillar
crushed cocoon in dark of night 

© Dorianna 2012




Sunshine of Your Love

The sunshine of your love
bathes me in internal warmth
overflowing my heart with affection

Heats me in scorching passion
erotic desire my soul on fire
sating my every sensual request

Colors the attributes of my life
profusion of love and ecstatic joy
with the intensity of a blazing sunset

The sunshine of your love
blankets me with eternal promise
embraces my soul as its own

I acquiesce to the sunshine
illumined with a radiant glow
reflection of the glory of love

© Dorianna 2011

Calendar Girl

Let me be your calendar girl
each day a greeting with a smile
when you want someone to talk with
I’ll listen and pose in style

Look into my eyes each month
you’ll catch my loving glow
January thru to April
we’ll snuggle when it snows

When quenching showers of April
bring the flowers that color May
I’ll don my furry attire
let you put me on display

When you are feeling lonely
just glance in my direction
seductively I’ll assure you
of my genuine affection

If you begin to miss me
when you look into my eyes
call out my name softly
I’m there whispering my sighs

For a picture cannot touch
nor emit the warmth it’s true
calendar girl is just a reminder
of the passion I have for you

© Dorianna 2011


The desert sun of your passion

sweltering heat of your love

disrobes me in surrender

© Dorianna 2011

Traces of Desire

I paint my syllables

of desire

brushed in colors

surfaced in trails

upon my body

my beloved to trace

© Dorianna 2011

Dancing in Rain

Dancing in rain
barefoot splashes
swirls of droplets
sprays across my body

twirling swirling
dizzy turning memories
when we danced
raindrops in kisses
loving in puddles pouring passion

I’m dancing in rain
waiting anticipating
kissing raindrops
loving dancing
in rain with you once more

© Dorianna 2011

Brief Redemption


Forever You and Me

forever you and me

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