Celebrate the Music of the Earth

music is alive
in the hearts of men
music-of-the-earth2-110x150in the roar that is heard
in the lion’s den

in the morning song
of the meadow lark
in the electric spark
lighting the skies
in the stormy dark

gardens may whither
man’s work may falter
music in creation
will renew celebration

the song that lives
in the soul of the earth
will never grow old
land and the seas
skies and the breeze
will sing of its recreation

ยฉdorianna 2013 All rights reserved

30 thoughts on “Celebrate the Music of the Earth

  1. as a musician I have to admit that this, Dorianne, goes straight to the heart. It digs deep, as you hit the point! Thanks

    1. Thank you for your kind words Joannes. My father was a musician as was all his brothers (7), many playing professionally. So music was a vital part of my life, though my personal interpretation of the music was through dance. The music of the earth ever resounds in me as I am sure it does you.

  2. Usually I don’t like rhyming poetry, but this holds together well. The rhythm is good, doesn’t stumble as so much rhyming poetry does.

    I love the music that you write about. It is the pulse and life blood of the Earth under our feet and surrounding us.

    Lovely poem.

    Lady Nyo

    1. thank you Lady Nyo..I know what you mean about rhyme. I do like it at times for the rhythm but, like you, I detest it when the words are careless and forced in order to rhyme. I sort of just let it happen if it does but never try to force it. Like you mention, it then becomes a stumbling over words. Appreciate your comment.

  3. nice…the song that lives in the soul of the earth… love that it plays on…love that it’s not dependent on us…good to sharpen our senses so we can hear it…

    1. Thank you Bjorn..funny how we get inspired and not even aware of the depth of our inspiration. Now you have me reading up on the Harmony of the Spheres..very interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

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