The next two poems are shared in answer to the prompt @ dverse to write about a circus. I hate everything about a circus, the noise, crowd, dirt, smell and cruelity to animals. I suppose I could write about that disdain but I just am not motivated to do so. Instead I am going to share two poems I wrote recently that incorporates the subject.


My second poem for this topic  may seem off topic until you remember that a Circus does often include  fun houses , the house of mirrors and houses of terror. 

Carnival of Terror

carnival terror

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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25 thoughts on “Circus

  1. The circus of life metaphor works well with your positive affirmations in the first and with the second there is the dark side of glee which some patrons enter the circus tent. Yes indeed some people luv the squeals of horror.

    Luv your candid impression of Circus. Thanks for dropping by my blog Dorianne


    1. Thank you Gillena, so happy you read both. It is true many people love to be scared. When I was young we all used to sit up with Mom and watch scary movies on weekend nights…not so much now, they give me nightmares…lol

  2. I wonder if the circus has fallen out of favour because people can get their thrills on an app without having to go out of the house. Circuses just aren’t thrilling enough for modern ghouls, too safe, not enough fatal accidents.

    1. Thank you Jane for stopping by…really cannot say why circuses lost favor…I never was a fan, never took my kids either, but I have always been an oddball so I am not a good meter…lol

  3. Right there with you about circuses. But I fear I can’t escape it as it breeches the fairgrounds and spills into pop culture, politics everyone is obsessed with, and contemporary society.

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