Where the felicitous moments
feminine foretokens
that created her a woman
hidden in pain, walled up
mortar and brick enclosure
chip chip crumble the wall
crack the exterior
watch as it falls

Is there emptiness
can passion be revived
she touches herself
where men use to enter
tears, indicative of life
darkness in her mind
hiding terrors endured
unspoiled memories obscured

Door of apprehension
long locked with scars
lover’s touch, is it the key
who will search, set her free
will she awaken her icy sleep
butterfly in glorious flight
or remain a stifled caterpillar
crushed cocoon in dark of night 

© Dorianna 2012




6 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. The fear to let ppl (men?) in again….

    I feel her pain, the apprehension, wanting to take the wall down, but afraid of getting hurt again….

    I’m feeling somewhat similarly on the other side – I love this piece. Powerful. And the picture with it? Divine!

  2. You’re welcome. Often patience and sensitivity are one and two to achieving enduring love and a lasting relationship….I am slowly learning (well I am only a man)

  3. I can really feel the pain of this woman and her lack of confidence, which has been stolen from her; it is so sad when life cannot be lived to the full because of the actions of another. And I also feel her hope that the right man, a strong , sensitive man will come along and release her from her prison of pain that she might spread her wings and live life once again in all her beautiful glory; love and be loved- I really enjoyed reading this piece.

    1. Thank you Andrew for your insightful comment. I appreciate that you got a good grasp on her pain. She does not lack confidence, only that she walled out pain & abuse for so long, wonders if anyone will have the patience to chip the wall enough to free her. Defense becomes habitual, subconscious reflexes. As you understood it would take someone with sensitivity and a great deal of love.

  4. There is some of this I cannot speak to, for I am not a woman, nor am I such a man. I can say this: the images are beautiful, and powerful. I feel the combination safety/confinement/prison, the hope and the fear that the hope is misguided. Whatever I might miss of this, I get a lot. – @wyrde

    1. Thank you for your insightful response. You have glimpsed much of her dilemma. To define it in totality would rob the reader of an interpretation of their own individual insights and emotions. As with most poetry, it is so comprehensive as to be felt in the individual experience, even as you felt her struggles. To grasp the completeness would be to have lived it.

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