Communal Tongue

watch that in-crowd
baring their clawsgossipers
self-righteous quidnuncs all
no matter what you’ve done
communal tongue is a gun
always appalled
they fire their bullets
their judgment is quick
condemnation pricks
you’re the outcast

cheer up
that’s the best part of all

© dorianna ric
all rights reserved

This poem is response to Quadrille #64 challenge @

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22 thoughts on “Communal Tongue

    1. I was in an orphanage in my youth so I was always the outcast that was critized or ridiculed. It wasn’t till my early 20’s I realized how lucky I was to be the outcast *_~

  1. OH, it is better to be an outcast than being a judgmental prick or a quidnunc in this case.
    I liked the ending couplet — it is this wise acceptance that made me smile. Well-penned. 🙂

  2. I have always detested bullies and enjoy defeating them in my day job now! Unlike your friend Victoria, above, honestly, I didn’t know what a quidnunc was! So, thank you for sharing some great writing and teaching me a new word!!

    1. you are most welcome…I love discovering new words too. Thank you for stopping by again, I so love your kind comments. I am glad you get to now defeat the bullies too.

  3. communal tongue is such an interesting phrase, community should include not exclude a member – very nicely composed quadrille with a new word for me today-quidnunc , not sure how i would use it in conversation or writing but I am liking the sound of it. well done

    1. I like the way you picked up on’communal’. You are so right, it should be inclusive. Unfortunately, too often does when community groups form…generally they form to keep someone out.

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