Falling Again

Lying on the deserted beach
face lifted towards midday sun
recalling the indicants of your love
corners of my mouth begin to curl

devilish smile you throw my way
hand grasping as lover and friend
adoring gaze through seductive eyes
your senses filled, emoting intensity



Emblazoned sun upon my shoulders
hotness like your fiery passion
a mouth covered with esurient kisses
calescent embrace lost in the moment

Solace of warmth emitted from sun rays
my soul embraced, lifeblood of your ardor
like the tide returning to the shore
falling in love with you again and again

© Dorianna 2011

5 thoughts on “Falling Again

  1. So beautiful my lips could almost taste the salted sea as your words breezed in my mind. So evoking that I yern to be at the waters edge .

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