Far-away Places and so Many Faces


I’ve traveled around the world
exotic resorts and humble dwellings
have been my residence
I’ve lived with kings
married a prince
been a slave in a dungeon
rescued by thieves in a forest
war is familiar to me
sent my sons to fight for freedom
I’ve tilled the land of a southern plantation
til my fingers bled and my back was stooped
I’ve built estates, my land plundered
I’ve sat on the throne over a kingdom

Pirates kidnapped me and took me to sea
drunks have taken my virginity
A vampire’s kiss gave me immortality
I’ve been loved deeply by many men
hated by women and men alike
been a devil, a witch, even a saint
saved lives and freed countries
been a cruel master and a gentle beast
loving mother, an abusive land owner
filled my senses with cherry blossoms
honey suckle, magnolia and roses
fed on the delicacies of the very rich
lavished in velvet, silk, diamonds and pearls

I’ve married great men and evil monstersfaraway-231x300
been a heroine, honored and cherished
fought Indians in the wild wild west
owned a brothel and sang for the men
I’ve known the joy of giving birth  
held a newborn suckling my breast
been a leader in a feminist march
traveled by stagecoach
 crept thru a desert
air, land and sea kept me free
how is it my life is so full
to have traveled to far-away places
worn the mask of so many faces
through the pages of a adventure story
my imagination was set free to fly

© Dorianna 2012

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