I Am Alive

a pervasive stalker ever-present
your scent an encircling mist
your whisper in the rustling trees
your kiss in the morning breezealive

torrid passion like the sun’s blaze
admiration in your piercing gaze
laughter like a burbling stream
enticing me in delicious dreams

walking with you in every way
calefacient thoughts every day
senses filled to overflowing
I breathe you in
I am alive

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved


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One thought on “I Am Alive

  1. Dorianna, such beautiful words and pictures to tell a story. you have the gift of the pen my dear friend.I truly like “I am Alive ”
    I have a lot of reading to do . I love your work .
    John (@2blacknewfs)xx

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