Treasures of Life

golden leaves dancing
to earth in the fall
storm’s end in a rainbow
experienced in awe
blazing sunset paints
an ocean in gold
miraculous beauty
the eye to behold

scent of a flower
in full bloom of spring
a morning choir
song birds on wing
whispered ‘I love you’
embrace for good measure
abundance of love
overflowing its treasure

baby animals frolic
in Mother Nature’s wild
gurgles of joy gushing
from an infant child
kiss from a lover
ease the day’s strife
unmatchable treasure
the beauty of life

©Dorianna 2013

3 thoughts on “Treasures of Life

  1. This reminded me of the morning I awoke to a splendid melody from a bird unlike any I’ve ever heard. The artist, our creator of these lovely things is truly amazing! @1trulygenuine

    1. Thank you Bridget for sharing your experience. The times I’ve had the pleasure of some incredible experience in nature, I always feel blessed as well.

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