Majestic Crowning of Love

Why do we hold back
when our heart wants to speak
why can’t we reveal
the feelings deep within
lay bare our souls in honesty
let down impenetrable walls
open wide the entrances
to the springtime of our affections
welcome each other in the glow
flame of passion that thaws
the winter frost of darkness
why instead are we destroying
every vestige of affection
must we continue to strangle
until the heart we annihilate
becomes our own~ must we persist
until we destroy each other
displaced by lack of admission
reaching the point of no return
when one whispered word
one outstretched hand
one opened doorway
would fill our yearning souls
with the taste of exotic fruits
the vibrant regalia of rainbow colors
electromagnetic emotions
orchestrated symphonies of the heavens
and the majestic crowning of love

© Dorianna 2011

One thought on “Majestic Crowning of Love

  1. Truly a lovely piece that seriously needs an answer for once. Thank you for sharing this with me. Please share more anytime.

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