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ego demands victory ~ wins to the demise of the heart ~ remains self-satisfied emptiness

the heart with multiple scars ~ as a trained soldier ~ defends aggressively ~ the threat of annihilation

some people drink from all life’s adventures ~ some never imbibe of any ~ sad to breathe and not be alive

 destiny is merely an opportunity ~ not a calling guaranteed ~ choose your course ~ seize your power ~ soar

 we breathe ~ we plod along ~ we take the knocks ~ we learn ~ we enjoy small accomplishments ~ we grow ~ we find kindred spirits

 feelings can move upward ~ they never really ~ move back down ~ they just shift position ~ with the changing tide

little boy blue ~ come blow your horn ~ a pied piper ~ you’ll grow to be ~ if you play dulcet tunes ~ wherever the crowd may be

poetry creates ~ a personal familiarization ~ to each reader ~ and thus manifests an experience ~ unique to the individual

neither life nor love ~ is a given ~ live boldly in technicolor ~ cast fear aside ~ inhale deeply each moment ~ else life’s bounty ~ pass you by

comes nigh the final days ~if u shall pass first ~ bittersweet my refrain ~ life was rich in love and joy ~ because you were my friend

in a purple haze  ~ moon a brilliant glaze ~ addled thoughts ~ within my brain ~ trying to forget the rain ~ in a purple haze  ~ I’m dazed

life must be lived ~ in constant motion ~ a flow of rejuvenating energy ~ else one stagnates ~ like still waters ~ breeding disease and death

words are a ~ razor sharp blade ~ to wield ~ if not a sheath ~ to hold the tongue



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