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Explosion shatters peace in heaven ~ disruption in my vital organs ~ stormy termination of our love affair ~ I broke


Memories ~ head-on collision with thoughts ~ blurring lucidity . surreal reality


Cut off my soul ~ when I made you go ~ stings like the wasp


I discovered your soul ~ loved its beauty ~ a moment’s storm  ~ you buried it beneath  ~ the rocks of fear


I remember you ~ days shared ~ love’s delirium ~ I remember your exit ~ my heart bleeds ~ my pen drips adjectives


I write ~ empty my inkwell ~ bleed my veins ~ drain my soul ~ anything to obscure the thoughts of you


Frigid winter winds ~ blew in from the North ~ as the chilled syllables ~ of your good-bye ~ blustered thru my reality


Shattered heart ~seeks reason ~ retribution ~ when comes hearts-ease ~ why do brittle shards ~ pierce with a scream



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