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our love..carved from passion’s flame..refined to perfection..from flaws of imperfection..we personify love

your love has given me wings..I soar..I become the greatest I can be..because you believe in me

sigh can mean many ~when i sigh for means ~you thrill me

I have become the kiss..time no longer exists..the world vanished..every minuscule pore in idyllic turbulence

in the center of my soul..there’s a secret cave..reserved for things i are there

there was nothing new under heaven..until make life extraordinary..let’s write the love story..that’s never been told

she fits him perfectly..her body to his to his heart..thoughts and his imagination..he is complete

setting up a game of love..waiting your move..eight ball in the pocket..soft as as sin..your win

if you ever leave..i breathe no more..the air that flows through the air i breathe..we are one

connected by a golden thread..infinite ribbon..wrapped around our souls..stretched thru sojourners..eternal partners

love will burst forth full bloom..chromatic garden of love..scents of magnolia & wisteria..once fear is cast out

discovery of sensual delights..a valley of desire..crevices of mystery..ocean of fulfillment..whirlpool of ecstasy

sweet drops of’s drizzle..pour over me..I lick the sweetness of lust

emerging from past eons..loving in the present..floating into future lives..two spirits..finding & loving each other eternally

getting our sensual sea..becoming drenched in upward effervescent ecstasy

evening meditation..ceremony of my daily remembrance of you

glancing over the is the promised day..will he come the distance..keep his word..sweep me his loving arms the flutter of her lashes..glimmer of her lips..sway of her hips..her images his midnight dreams

no matter stay away from you..I just keep bouncing other love will do..its true..I’m so in love with you

bangles and beads..he goes where she leads..lured by her glamour..compelled by her feminine clamour..beguiled in the fantasy

heart of ice..chilled the blood of love..her heart doth pour..warmth that thawed thru cracks..grew the rose of love

If U love some1..each piece..of themself they give..fills U way..they could not be enough..always you will be full on love

drops of the parched desert..of my existence..saved..from lonely dehydration..wet from the love..drips from your heart

embracing love..for the first time..I’m warmed by sunshine..hear your name in the wind..sung by angels..drink of raindrops..& kiss the rose

since loving you..everything’s coming up daisies..loves me..loves me not..promised you love me true

if you knew that I wanted you..heart..body..mind and soul of you..every fiber of you..would you run to me

you stole my heart..I float on cloud nine..spin like a spirit jubilant..I rise to the sky..don’t think I’m ever coming down

a season of storms ~ can naught remove ~ my love from you ~ the roots lie deep ~ within my soul 




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