Mischief Night
out of the darkness
once upon a midnight
from indigo void
appeared a light
out of the darkness
causing a fright
a haunting howl
a voice in the night
out of the darkness
my shoulder alight
branch-like fingers
my cells felt the blight
out of the darkness
out of the darkness
is this a wight
out to harm me
perhaps just a sprite
out of the darkness
prepared to take flight
a whisper of assurance
‘fear not, all is right’
out of the darkness
a figure in sight
recognition a friend
playing tricks on mischief night
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
Posted in response to a prompt on ‘repitition’ @ dverse  
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49 thoughts on “Mischief Night

  1. Goblins are giggling, snakes are wiggling, werewolves are wagging, ghosts are gasping, vampires are vamping, and I’m smiling; thanks.

  2. I always read and like your writings, but I’m in Thailand at the moment with the worlds slowest internet and it win’t always let me like or comment. Today I’m lucky to say a few words.

  3. out of the darkness – that repetition itself conjurs up all sorts. very spine tingling read Dorianna. i see light being the biggest trickster here, i love the word mischief, don’t use it enough

    1. Mischief conjures up all sort of antics. I remember when I was young on the night before Halloween acquaintances would go out and play tricks and light vandalism in the neighborhood.

      1. we don’t celebrate Halloween here, we do have our version of a ghostly night when spirits roam free, we usually have a lantern parade and eat sweet cakes after the festival. no pranking though…LOL! yours sound like lots of adrenaline rush!

          1. there is a contact form on my webpage if you send a message thru the contact form it will send your email to my email and I can send you more info for contact.

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