On The Strings Of A Heart

how is it possible
one day to love someone
enlivened with just one thought, one kiss, one moment
as if you’ve soured to the heavens
drifting on wings of angels

tomorrow arrives
effervescent beauty of yesterday’s love
metamorphic agony of today’s heartache
a tornadic storm
whipping emotions erupt
drastic climate changes annihilating
all that is tender

one wonders where does the beauty go
when love turns to hate

bemused by the fate of heartbreak
anguished by the storm
adrift on winds of inner turmoil
should one conclude
love and hate ~ same emotion
calming, sensual breeze
becomes a violet windstorm
nature takes it course
on the strings of a heart

©Dorianna 2015
All rights reserved

28 thoughts on “On The Strings Of A Heart

  1. Yes.. Love a strong and
    everlasting storm of rain
    in emotional pelts of delight..
    or a quick change of season
    from Love to Hate.. a multi-purpose
    storm Love makes.. only eyes of Love
    take Love
    in directions
    it takes.. in
    Monsoon Love or

    1. Thank you Katie, love the last line of your comment..hate is definitely like the desert drought and love can flow like a Monsoon downpour.

  2. It’s a sad thing when love turns to hate. I don’t agree that they are the same emotion. I think that hate is love that has been battered by some storm and is changed by it. They are polar opposites, though closely aligned. Peace, Linda

    1. Thank you Linda for sharing your view of love and hate. I often think of them as I think of nature..the summer breeze is the same source as the windstorm, the difference is not the wind but catapult (factors that affect weather change). Love and Hate come from the same source..intense emotion within the individual. The difference being love reacts to what makes one’s emotions feel pleasurable while hate is the reaction to what stings.

  3. When love turns to hate it can get really ugly. I think you def captured the quick change of a monsoon from heat, to relief, to terror.

  4. Sad how suddenly love ends in the way you stated it in here. Like the monsoon, love is indeed unpredictable. Everyone, everything is changing including me—I’m afraid. It’s like saying, I write a song today & my love (her) has the sweetest smile—don’t love me! don’t love me. Then tomorrow, I may write a song again & a lady has the sweetest smile—i loved her. I loved her! I so enjoyed this, thank you!

  5. you’ve captured the definition of monsoon in this…a changing of the wind that causes a change in the weather…much like the love turned hate that you describe.

  6. Love turning to hate, like the cumulonimbus build a warm summer’s day.. and once the havoc comes it seems the sun is far away.

  7. sometimes you wonder how quickly love can turn to hate when certain things happen – both strong emotions – one builds up – one tears down so quickly

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