Last Chance
“Hi Sally, it’s Kiki. We talked last weekend when the guys had their meeting. The violence never stops. I remember the conversation we had. I always knew you were just like me, you want out too. I’m leaving Johnny. Today is our last chance. Pick up the phone Sally.”
“Where are you? Johnny just left with Frank, another meeting with the boys. Coast is clear. This is our chance. Don’t pack a thing. You don’t want to draw suspicion from your neighbors. I’ll be at the back door in twenty minutes. A friend is going to take us to the next town. All arrangements are made. Don’t say a word to anyone, not even your folks. This is our last chance for freedom Sally. I’ve been real careful with planning. Johnny doesn’t suspect a thing. Why won’t you pick up the phone Sally? Your car is in the driveway.”
Sally stands in the kitchen cringed against the wall nausea gripping sobbing as she falls to her knees. She didn’t want to betray Kiki. She did want out but Frank had been in the mob too long. He would have killed her if she didn’t obey him. Johnny suspected Kiki was up to something. The scream came over the phone line riddling through Sally. She could hear Kiki’s pleas.
“No Johnny, please put the gun down baby. You wouldn’t shoot me, would you, Johnny? I love you Johnny. I wouldn’t leave you. Johnny! Johnny…oh Johnny?”
Sally doubled over, pain twisting her insides, the shot heard as the phone went dead. Leaning over the kitchen sink, Sally vomited draining herself of the sickening defeat, running cold water over the anguish gurgling down the drain. Within minutes the nausea passed though it seemed an eternity. Sally made way to the powder room straightening hair and makeup, taking care to conceal the puffiness around her eyes. Frank would be angry if she had been crying. Satisfied her appearance would not reveal pity for Kiki, she returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Frank wearing her best smile.
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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Freedom Flight
This was my first attempt at Flash Fiction provoked from a prompt. After I wrote this I then went on to write the same basic story in poetic form. You can read it here  Drifting into Twilight.
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Safe Harbor

safe harbor

we were a distant dream
across an ocean
untill your spirit
as a lighthouse to a lost seafarer
beckoned me from my dark reality
guided me to a safe harbor
a seafaring voyage on the sea of love
to a heart full of light

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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New Day Blessing
as the sun rises over the sea
elevate your spirit in its glory
as evening darkness begins to part
may warmth of sun rays warm your heart
new day blessing
form a smile in your heavenly eyes 
as morning breaks across the sky
feel the joy of earth’s awakening
embrace the new day dawning
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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Return to Dust
I have often wonderedtree, man all return to dust
do the trees comprehend
denuding themselves in autumn
of redressing in the spring
do they remember each season
a resurrected soul life
perhaps springtime finds them
no better off than man
speculative, what awaits after death
as each leaf of red and gold
becomes a blanket for the earth
until it evanesces into nullity
only a memory in winter tears 
replenshing soil of the earth
when all is said and done
we aren’t the only one
man, beast, and tree
share corresponding destiny
all return to dust
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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The next two poems are shared in answer to the prompt @ dverse to write about a circus. I hate everything about a circus, the noise, crowd, dirt, smell and cruelity to animals. I suppose I could write about that disdain but I just am not motivated to do so. Instead I am going to share two poems I wrote recently that incorporates the subject.


My second poem for this topic  may seem off topic until you remember that a Circus does often include  fun houses , the house of mirrors and houses of terror. 

Carnival of Terror

carnival terror

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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hummingbirdPhoto © Jonathan Rossouw
lovely hummingbird
your tiny wing beats
flutter in excitement
match my lover’s heartbeats
displaying vibrant colors
reflection of the sun’s glory
my lover’s ardor illumination
reflected in my eyes

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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kite flying by syrenichol @DeviantArt

jouncing carefree, twirling upwards
kite flying in the wind
luring passersby to watch it soar
merriment begins to roar
neath the gliding entertainment
outcrying children applaud
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved 
This poem was a challenge @ dverse
The challenge was to write Alphabet Sestet. A Sestet poem is 1 poem of six lines.  In this challenge we were to choose a 6 letter sequence in the alphabet, for example A-B-C-D-E-F. The poem above was my response. 
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Festival of Love

lovely butterfly pianist
play your tunes of love
invite romantic turtle doves
harmonize as canaries sing
chirping bluebirds on the wing
fireflies to light the sparks
let’s invite the meadow larks

butterfly festival

every creature large and small
no limits ~ come one come all
to the merry making ball
none refused a jovial entrance
all invited come and dance
lighten up your heavy mood
get into a jocund groove
it’s a festival of love

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Communal Tongue

watch that in-crowd
baring their clawsgossipers
self-righteous quidnuncs all
no matter what you’ve done
communal tongue is a gun
always appalled
they fire their bullets
their judgment is quick
condemnation pricks
you’re the outcast

cheer up
that’s the best part of all

© dorianna ric
all rights reserved

This poem is response to Quadrille #64 challenge @

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