Quixotic Star

I delight in watching you when you’re unaware
it’s my good fortune to love a man like you
what magnanimous deed could I have done
to garner the unconditional love you return

surreptitious moments are my guarded jewels
when admiringly my eyes trace you unawares
when you are the perfect, imperfect man I love
each nuance revealing the unfeigned you

I’m creating memories to last my lifetime
my private motion pictures to view at whim  
falling in love repeatedly with the quixotic star
my romance hero..love of my life

© dorianna 2014

36 thoughts on “Quixotic Star

  1. A truly wonderful painting with words. I have only seen the use of the word Quixotic one other time on the internet and that is on my Pinterest, on the board called For The Quixotic Few…thanks for your time. Jack

    1. Thank you Jack for the visit and your nice comment. Some words are just so cool they belong in poetry. Quixotic is one such word, don’t you think? Appreciate your visit.

    1. thank you Mary, actually he hasn’t arrived yet, it was more the dream of the ‘perfect, imperfect man’ I will love some day..perhaps a manifestation “_~

  2. “When you are the perfect
    imperfect man that I love”

    True love doesn’t hinge on perfection, it is in the appreciation of the flaws and imperfections; that true depth of feeling for those whose love endures. Nicely captured.

  3. smiles…i like to watch as well when my wife does not know…catching the little mannerisms you only know if you do…the things i can replay in my mind when i need them latre…your romance hero…i like that much…

    1. thank you Brian..yes watching when unawares is like watching a movie repeatedly, each time you catch something you missed and eventually you know it totally by memory with nothing missed.

  4. What a wonderful love poem this is! What a lucky man HE is. I love the idea of ‘my private motion pictures to view at whim.’ Nice.

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