She travels on her train, never
knowing where she’s bound.
Always looking out the window
Bemused by what she’s found.
Seeks asylum from this world
inside her train she hides.
Speeding by she never stops
To let anyone inside.

She sees a passenger, and
meets him at the station.
He pleads to come aboard,
A pause for contemplation.
Captive, she boards alone
remains in her obscurity
terrorized as a child
powerless to break free.

Seeks protection from infliction
Freedom from the violence.
Her soul sees only strangers, so
She lives within her silence.
She travels on her train
a heart held in control,
Horrific memories drives her
while solitude keeps her whole.

Her asylum walled in ice
hides her burning anguish
deflecting sinners scorn
recollections banished.
Survival the destination
every journey on her train
A refuge and a fortress
averting violence with its pain

© Dorianna 201o

4 thoughts on “Refuge

  1. Dorriana Dorriana ugh.They pain of my journey.. express through your words.Pulling through the tunnel..My only way to be heart.My heart skipped a beat.My eyes feel the tears.. This poem touched my life.Thanks my dear.. <3

    1. Thank you for your expressions ‘craftymama’. This particular poem was written many years ago describing the circumstances of my lonely youth, the result of abusive circumstances. Fortunately, for me, I have come beyond it in my later years and feel freed to a great extent. I hope that the same miracles will occur for you as well. xo

  2. I read my own life`s journey and saw the reflections from my heart through the window of this train..
    Thank you for sharing your talent,your insight,and the true depth in your beautiful heart and soul,Doran.

    1. Thank you Renate for your heartfelt expressions. No greater joy is there, as you know, for a poet than that their words would reach the heart of another. You have given me great joy in your understanding and your friendship. Love to you always my spirit companion.

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