Return to Dust
I have often wonderedtree, man all return to dust
do the trees comprehend
denuding themselves in autumn
of redressing in the spring
do they remember each season
a resurrected soul life
perhaps springtime finds them
no better off than man
speculative, what awaits after death
as each leaf of red and gold
becomes a blanket for the earth
until it evanesces into nullity
only a memory in winter tears 
replenshing soil of the earth
when all is said and done
we aren’t the only one
man, beast, and tree
share corresponding destiny
all return to dust
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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31 thoughts on “Return to Dust

        1. Thank you for those kind words…we all find ourselves guilty of passing judgment at times but I like to think more often I am not judgmental. Happy that my writing would reflect that and that you would pick up on it.

  1. We do all return to dust. I like the idea of considering if trees wonder about their life cycles, too. Maybe as Beverly says, they like to have a bit of rest. I like to think they are happy when birds build nests or other creatures shelter in them. 🙂

    1. That’s a nice thought Merril, the trees being happy sharing themselves as a home for birds and critters…there’s a poem for you *_~ Thank you for visiting.

  2. Personifying the trees, giving them similar thoughts to our own fears and realities of life and death…..what a perfect analogy. We do progress in seasons. I’d like to say forever in Fall.

    1. Thank you Mish, yes moderation. Perhaps I need to figure out how to leave a message saying so. That being said I posted both your comments as they are both insightful…so happy you visited. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I have always felt that trees hold wisdom. Perhaps they know more than we do about this life. In the end, our bodies at least have the same fate, dust to dust….and as life overlaps, we can find some comfort in replenishing the lovely trees.

  4. This is a very nice poem, some of my favorite poems pose unanswered questions. I also feel a kinship with trees, and feel we are all connected. Frank H did a nice OLN earlier this year with some symmetry with yours and one I did earlier, it seems many of us are thinking about trees thinking about mortality. Here is Frank’s

    I love the couplet rhyming in your last stanza that sets apart the anchoring truth of the last line so nicely.

    1. Thank you Lona for you lovely comment, appreciate the visit. Thank you for directing to Frank’s poem…yes, it is beautiful. Our mortality is faced the closer I get to the end of mine as many of us are. 🙂

    1. Thank you Bjorn, your comments are always insightful and encouraging. Delighted you visited. Pondering nature and its relationship to our mortality is a pleasant pasttime I indulge most of us poets seem to do.

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