Sensual Spirituality


The journey to genuine spirituality
is not a gray bloodless pathway
void of animation lacking vibrancy
demanding abstention of the earth’s gifts

Spiritual cognizance opens to an encompassing
chromatic rainbow of sensory wonder
extending the invitation to experience
all creation with enlivened senses

Deny the sensuality of your created self
is to rebuke the beauty of a blazing sunset
denounce the magic of holding a newborn child
or curse the fragrance of a garden of roses
It is the sensual ~ every titillating nerve ending
experiencing awakened sensory sensations
rendering an all-embracing wonderment
stirring the curiosity that elucidates

A life rich in sensory experience
is an education in the seasons of life
earthly pathway to universal discernment
illumining the eternal spiritual self



5 thoughts on “Sensual Spirituality

  1. Beautiful. The Buddhist samsara expresses a relinquishment of all desire. I would not limit the path to this one. Perhaps there exists a road through desire, surely it is festooned with beauty, a beauty that is lovingly caressed through eyes, through touch, through the unnamed senses. Or perhaps desire is a necessary journey on all the paths, requiring a certain satiation to arrive at illumination.

    The body may be an illusion, the world also, yet it would seem there is purpose… to deny the body’s grace, to not love it as all else must be loved, cannot be in contradiction to it, surely.

    Thank you for sending me here.

    Bauke (@wyrde)

  2. Dorianna, this is probably one of my favorite of your poems thus far. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relation of spirituality to sensuality as well, but you put it into words so beautifully. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Freya. Because of the teachings of many religions, one is almost afraid of their own sensuality. How cruel would a creator be to endow us with incredible senses, give us an earth copious with life that stirs the senses and deny us to respond with delight to the senses stirred within us. Totally unloving and illogical. But then you are perceiving that yourself; why the questions in your own mind.

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