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Return to Dust
I have often wonderedtree, man all return to dust
do the trees comprehend
denuding themselves in autumn
of redressing in the spring
do they remember each season
a resurrected soul life
perhaps springtime finds them
no better off than man
speculative, what awaits after death
as each leaf of red and gold
becomes a blanket for the earth
until it evanesces into nullity
only a memory in winter tears 
replenshing soil of the earth
when all is said and done
we aren’t the only one
man, beast, and tree
share corresponding destiny
all return to dust
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Preparation for Earth’s Hibernation
brisk earth awash in vibrant colorautumn
a dying beauty revealed
untarnished golds
crimson red
warmth of amber tones
tis the autumn season
garment of trees
blanketing the soil
the season of colors
preparation for earth’s hibernation
from the frigid tears of winter’s frost
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
Poem written for  Quadrille #63  at dversepoets.com using the word Earth
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