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random misgivings
no sense
no cohesion
observing life
through clouded eyes
silent screams
frightening recollections
wicked deeds in silence
creeping on the child at sleep
dirty secrets
never tell
threatening whispers
yes! madness
madness is her hell
madness serves her well

© Dorianna 2012

Hideaway Cocoon

‘Please’ was his adjuration
the consuming empty ache
silent screams of urgency
to be released from prison walls
‘Love me” the effusion
from his cubicle of hell
’embrace me’ desperate yearning
within his heart and loins

‘Yes’ she cried out bravely
to his lonely heartfelt plea
as she willingly extended
her heart to set him free
her embrace of tenderness
should have allayed his ache
loving blanket of safety
that his heart may never break

Love he begged~ she gave
a future filled with hope
‘you found me’ he shouted
in momentary joy
Stark was the moment
when vulnerability set in
enwrapping his heart
with the demon of misgiving
he spun his hideaway cocoon

© Dorianna 2012


Self-appointed Victor


Night grips as the self-appointed victor
strikes with unwelcome masculine force

Wielding brawn ~ inflicting torture
to subjugated silken flesh

Dominating the woman’s body
to asphyxiate her feminine spirit

© Dorianna 2011



Trespasser of the Dark

She sneaks into my hearth
to rob the drippings of my brush
animated images ~ my life and loves
stalks my inner sanctuary
seeking glory for herself

She must have no conscience
hollow with no heart or soul
nothing to draw up ~ bloodless veins
she drinks instead from mine
as a trespasser of the dark


Her deception is transparent
thief of my sensual syllables
she can only buy the superficial
the images I paint with words
will never lend her my soul

Trespasser of the darkness
behold the plight of the deceiver
man’s glory is only a facade
illusional accolades ~ momentary
prevarication is always unveiled
the reaper will collect his toll

© Dorianna 2011

Waiting Game

Waiting . waiting . waiting . expectation
a waiting game of disappointments
convinced each time will be different
she waits . hopes . cries in realization

He never shows up anymore
leaves her with a heart that’s sore
bound by love . habit she can’t break
he makes promises . and she waits and waits

© Dorianna 2011

Neglected Book of Love

Our book of love

moldy with neglect

yellowed  pages filled

with wrinkled misconceptions

dogeared edges beyond repair

blanched from passion paled

© Dorianna 2011

Wicked Hypocrite

Oh wicked woman
hiding behind the guise
of embracing love for all
threatened by another presence
seeking her friendship under
false pretenses. get away
stand not before her in
your hypocrisy

Claiming your wisdom
attempting to be her advisor
who made you judge
your experience is miniscule
in comparison…your wisdom
facile… value of self paltry

The targeted other does not deceive
did not seek your friendship
will tell you to your face
she has no interest in you
you quested friendship she accepted
in order not to denigrate you

You made your snide remarks
you showed your lack of class
you stalked and copied after her
She has no jealousy for you
you cannot compare to her integrity
or the value of her self-worth

© Dorianna 2011


One expression ~ Baby

One gesture ~ a caress

One admission ~ I want you

One hope ~ Love

It would have taken one

Only one to make her stay

The one he couldn’t give

The one he wouldn’t feel

The one he kept denying

The one that made her go away

© Dorianna 2011

She Waits


Sandy footprints salty sea

thundering waves echo emptiness

of a love long gone

year after year she waits

alone at the shoreline

for her sailor’s return

© Dorianna 2011


Oh the sinister thoughts that lurked
behind that amiable smile
when friendship and love you imparted
plotting deception all the while

In comradeship my trust I placed
while you sought dishonest gain
enticing my heart for entrapment
never intending to remain

To have loved and lost is bearable
Although it wounds the heart.
how cruel the blow when the trusted one
has beguiled you from the start.

© Dorianna 2011

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