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Festival of Love


Butterfly Waltz




Dance with me darling
to the melody of the Butterfly Waltz
an angelic tune played on the ivories
by delicate whispers of butterfly wings
spreading the arrow of cupid’s bow

myriad of angels raised voices do sing
tidings of love carried on wings
romance of hearts twixt you and me
spreading the magic of angelic love
blessed wedding our eternal destiny

© Dorianna 2013

The Memory of You


I dance in the field
where last we lay together
nestled in the bed of velvet green
scent of wildflowers awakening desire

wild as the wind we were
stealing kisses and passionate caresses
in the sweet indulgence of Eros
dancing thru grasses tall, once more

I feel the warmth of your embrace
the magic of your tender kiss
remains a sweet taste upon my lips
immersed in the memory of you

© Dorianna 2013



The agitato tempo of the music
matched by the movements
of the bereft ballerina
leaping into the air
landing perfectly on toes
forcefully twirling whirling
dizzying emotions
releasing heartbreak pain
arabesque onto the stage
a bowed surrender to anguish
she dances she leaps
in torment she weeps

© Dorianna 2011

Dancing Eyes

 The dance

in his eyes

put a melody

in her soul

© Dorianna 2011

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