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you were a champion of spunk
my companion..my joy
unconditional love
always at the door
a joyous tail wagging greeting
we traveled the country
from the east to the west
climbing boulders..walking beaches
exploring mountain trails
barely escaped the Javelina
because of your excited bark

ellie yorkie-dachshund mix

6lbs of tireless energy
right up til the very end
fearless against your peers
five times your size
each new crazy adventure
you were an explorer
sniffing out the trail
settling right in like a pioneer
never a bother
you were my daily cheer

ellie 17 yrs old

16 years we were a team
I have to admit
life is a little boring
since your departure
you antics..full of personality
we fit perfectly
right from the start
you owned my heart
you will always be a part
of my memories..of my soul

Ellie passed away in her sleep on December 27, 2013. The first picture is Ellie at 1 year old when I first brought her home from the adoption shelter. The second picture she is nearly 7 years old. The last picture is Ellie at 17 years of age approxiamately two weeks before she passed. She is still missed greatly.

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all rights reserved

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