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agitated is the nighthalloween
stormed by a breed barbaric
ritual dance, wildly delirium
evil apparition in a bonfire light
bloodlust is the creed set on
hallowing saints of yore
seeking a sacrifice to bleed
Halloween night time to recede
indoors is safety this wicked night
till the moon gods slumber
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Mischief Night
out of the darkness
once upon a midnight
from indigo void
appeared a light
out of the darkness
causing a fright
a haunting howl
a voice in the night
out of the darkness
my shoulder alight
branch-like fingers
my cells felt the blight
out of the darkness
out of the darkness
is this a wight
out to harm me
perhaps just a sprite
out of the darkness
prepared to take flight
a whisper of assurance
‘fear not, all is right’
out of the darkness
a figure in sight
recognition a friend
playing tricks on mischief night
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
Posted in response to a prompt on ‘repitition’ @ dverse  
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Illusion of Beauty Versus Ugly
physical beauty is an illusion
transitory in nature
what appears as physical beauty 
can change in a heartbeat
actions of an individual
reveals ugliness or beauty
regardless of physical attributes
have you ever met someone
at first glance 
beautiful to your eyes
in a short time
unkind actions, abusive speech
at second glance  
beauty has turned to ugly
too often one who did not
possess a physical beauty
when first glanced upon
through the loving actions
of their heart and mind
soon physical appearance
like a caterpillar 
becomes the butterfly 
resplendence of the inner soul 
becomes the outer beauty
look not with your physical eyes
if you are looking for genuinine beauty
physical appearance is a mirage
true beauty is often hidden
in a protective shell of unsightliness
requires time and a second look
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
This poem is written for dverse for the prompt of  ‘beauty in ugliness’. 
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Duality Flaw

deep within my id
darkest secrets that are hid
mysteries just as grim
others keep obscured within
is it the bane of all
answer the wicked call
into the pit of serpents
shall we fall if not repent

whence came this seeking
of such bleakness
I don’t recall
a choice to fall
wicked visited at midnight
upsetting a reverent plight
was I evil from the start
deception in my heart

conclusion I have made
we’re all as black as spades
equally pure as fallen snow
divergent paths to go
continual fight twixt the two
no repose until life’s thru
duple-powered creatures all
duality is our flaw

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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The Beast Stalks

Afflicted is to feast on those who peddle flesh
Evil is to feast on the unsuspecting innocent    

Afflicted is to cry out with a plea for help
Evil is to prey without mercy upon the helpless

Afflicted is to let what is truth be unveiled
Evil is to conceal rather than reveal

There exists man afflicted with disease
There remains a beast who devours whom he pleases

Would one desire the beast to befriend
Demise to the heart the soul’s fateful end

Trophies of the fallen collection of hearts
Fatal wounds by the beast with poisoned darts

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Trespasser of the Dark


she sneaks into my hearth
to rob the drippings of my brush
animated images ~ my life and loves
stalks my inner sanctuary
seeking glory for herself

she must have no conscience
hollow with no heart or soul
nothing to draw up ~ bloodless veins
she drinks instead from mine
as a trespasser of the dark


her deception is transparent
thief of my sensual syllables
she can only buy the superficial
 images I paint with words
will never lend her my soul

trespasser of the darkness
behold the plight of the deceiver
man’s glory is only a facade
illusional accolades ~ momentary
prevarication is always unveiled
the reaper will collect his toll

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Wicked Hypocrite
oh wicked woman
hiding behind the guise
of embracing love for all
threatened by another presence
seeking her friendship under
false pretenses. get away
stand not before her in
your hypocrisy
claiming your wisdom
attempting to be her advisor
who made you judge
your experience is miniscule
in comparison…your wisdom
limited, value of self paltry
the targeted other does not deceive
did not seek your friendship
will tell you to your face
you do not have her interest
your quested friendship she accepted 
in order not to denigrate you
you made your snide remarks
you showed your lack of class
you stalked and copied after her
she has no jealousy for you
you cannot compare to her integrity
or the value of her self-worth
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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The Captor
in a devious darkened cubiclecaptive
captor plots and spins his web
craftily conceals his deception
honied words with guileless semblance
using cautious skill the predator
selects souls with empty veins
fragile creatures with wounded hearts
targets for his machinations
assailant moves with shrewdness
lures his prey craftily to his web
vulnerable souls are captured
in bondage of emotional striations
the abductor adjudges the heart
of his newly detained victims
a prison master feeding venous blood
prepared venom of feigned love
cravings likened to a vampire; captor
owns wounds not unlike the caught
drinking blood of yearning lovers
remaining still in want of heart
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Rapacious Beasts
rapacious beasts risedemons in angels clothes
to condemn & consume
rising to position
through the blood of men
demons in garb of angels
self-proclaimed judges
possessing no path to purity
no messages from universal fathers
denouncing the sensual gifts
of benevolent creators
employing self-esteemed superiority
seeking the glory of men
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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