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To A Unknown Dream
woke up in a sweat
terror running thru my blood
body trembles
like a rumbling earthquake
what is this nightmare
left me shaken
I cannot recall
how do I escape
my slumberous self
will this nightmare return
to do me more harm
so I bleed this fear
cry some tears
calm my edges
with a poem
to an unknown dream
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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alone in the forest
she circles in trepidation
carnivorous creatures all
her heart ~ her soul
their endless focus
her misery their torturous delight
her madness their destructive goal

the trees provide no shelter  forest
mock her search for acceptance
the birds of prey ~ vultures
waiting her final collapse
she circles her dark prison
whirling deep deeper into an abyss

screaming for a word of comfort
a hand held out in warmth
an understanding heart
to long she’s wept alone
tired of the forest
the taunting continues
the derision her anguish

she has fought too long
for a way out of the forest
she begs the beasts
devour me at last
free me from this torment
they do not care
they do not listen
her torment is their mirth

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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she travels on her train, never
knowing where she’s bound
always looking out the window
bemused by what she’s found
seeks asylum from this world
inside her train she hides
speeding by she never stops
to let anyone insiderefuge-train

she sees a passenger, and
meets him at the station
he pleads to come aboard
a pause for contemplation
captive she boards alone
remains in her obscurity
terrorized as a child
powerless to break free

seeks protection from infliction
freedom from the violence
her soul sees only strangers, so
she lives within her silence
she travels on her train
a heart held in control
horrific memories drives her
while solitude keeps her whole

her asylum walled in ice
hides her burning anguish
deflecting sinners scorn
recollections banished
survival the destination
every journey on her train
a refuge and a fortress
averting violence with its pain

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Don’t Walk Alone


I listen to your words
while you claim your love has died            
deep within your eyes
there is sadness you can’t hide

your fear and self-denial
has nipped the bud of my emotion
my anguish and despair has
wept tears to fill an ocean

with complete abandonwalk alone
allow yourself to feel
the painful insecurity
with love and trust will heal

love is not what prevents
a soul from being free,
love’s not blind, does not ensnare
but comforts like the willow tree

with passion and devotion
adoration that’s complete
the lock around your heart
opens to find relief

the world becomes a haven
a warm embracing home
don’t turn from the greatest gift
to walk life’s path alone

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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