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Love’s Extraordinary Dream
it’s an ordinary life
living together as onelove's dream
monday begins work week humdrum
tuesday settles into routine 
wednesday laundry, thursday shop
friday gearing down for saturday fun
sunday ice cream with cherries on top
but oh how special the nights 
romance in the air and all is right
you and I under the moonlite
held in your arms
a lover’s delight
seduced by your charms
vanquished lonely nights
you always by my side
love in your eyes
passion that abides
adoration filled with pride
trust in your stride
daily growing as a team
transforms life’s ordinary ride
into love’s extraordinary dream 
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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As the Willow Weeps
strolled the twisted garden path
early dawn, faint luminance parting clouds
hazy shadows in the morning mist
your spirit felt in a wispy reverie
as the willow weeps
fettered emotions broke free
river of tears as memories wept
dispirited bosom hanging low
mourning love as the willow weeps
 ©dorianna ric
all rights reserved 
Written for Quadrille night for the prompt ‘early’ @ dverse
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Illusion of Beauty Versus Ugly
physical beauty is an illusion
transitory in nature
what appears as physical beauty 
can change in a heartbeat
actions of an individual
reveals ugliness or beauty
regardless of physical attributes
have you ever met someone
at first glance 
beautiful to your eyes
in a short time
unkind actions, abusive speech
at second glance  
beauty has turned to ugly
too often one who did not
possess a physical beauty
when first glanced upon
through the loving actions
of their heart and mind
soon physical appearance
like a caterpillar 
becomes the butterfly 
resplendence of the inner soul 
becomes the outer beauty
look not with your physical eyes
if you are looking for genuinine beauty
physical appearance is a mirage
true beauty is often hidden
in a protective shell of unsightliness
requires time and a second look
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
This poem is written for dverse for the prompt of  ‘beauty in ugliness’. 
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©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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On The Strings Of A Heart

how is it possible
one day to love someone
enlivened with just one thought, one kiss, one moment
as if you’ve soured to the heavens
drifting on wings of angels

tomorrow arrives
effervescent beauty of yesterday’s love
metamorphic agony of today’s heartache
a tornadic storm
whipping emotions erupt
drastic climate changes annihilating
all that is tender

one wonders where does the beauty go
when love turns to hate

bemused by the fate of heartbreak
anguished by the storm
adrift on winds of inner turmoil
should one conclude
love and hate ~ same emotion
calming, sensual breeze
becomes a violet windstorm
nature takes it course
on the strings of a heart

©Dorianna 2015
All rights reserved

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I was created
the other half of you
destined to fill the hole
in your soul
to replace
the missing part
in my heart
to complete you
by completing me


a harmonious union
we were two
imperfect souls
the missing links
now connected
the puzzle solved
the answers reached
two souls evolved
perfected love
is now complete

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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What Would You Say


What would you say if you knew that I loved you
Would you invite me always to walk by your side
Would my loyalty overwhelm you
Would you abruptly brush me aside

What would you say if you were my refuge
With gentle strength would you hold me near
Would my need seem so weightywould you say
That you’d take flight in fear

What would you say knowing you were my star
Would your reflection serve as my guide
Would you desert me in darkness
With arrogance in your stride

What would you say if my heart was yours
Would we join hands in a union of souls
Would you refuse to walk holding hands
painting my heart the color of coal

What would you say to my burning hunger
Would you own me in the blazing fire
Would you run from the flame
Leaving me to freeze my desire

Give thought to these questions I pose
Will you accept the love I offer today
Will I always be wondering
Just what you would say

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Veiled Heart
I veil my heart
drapped in black
so as not to reveal
my transparent love
that keeps growing larger
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved 
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Majestic Crowning of Love
why do we hold back
when our heart wants to speak
why can’t we reveal
the feelings deep within
lay bare our souls in honestymajestic crowning of love
let down impenetrable walls
open wide the entrances
to the springtime of our affections
welcome each other in the glowing
flame of passion that thaws
melting the winter frost of darkness
why instead destroy every vestige of affection
must we continue to strangle
until the heart we annihilate
becomes our own~ must we persist
until we destroy each other
displaced by lack of admission
reaching the point of no return
when one whispered word or outstretched hand
one open heart doorway
would fill our yearning souls
with the taste of miracles
vibrant regalia of rainbow emotions
orchestrated symphonies of the heavens
to awaken the majestic crowning of love
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Plastic Hearts


There are times in life when one experiences darkness, sadness, pain and heartbreak 
Out of such depression was borne this poem.
we exist in a world of plastic
all things composed of plastic parts
plastic people with plastic hearts
gone unadulterated hearts
emotional, affectionate, benevolent hearts
afflicted, sorrowing, broken hearts
vanished, part of an era far far gone
’tis a sad fate indeed; hearts
as if of plastic with self-seeking aims
absent tenderness, love and empathy
merciless hearts, brutal like constructed plastic
simulated, passionless, indestructible
garbage dump of imperturbable plastic hearts
from whence comes consolation for genuine souls
with hearts that emote
soar, love, empathize, anguish, break
where cometh comfort for archaic souls
adherents to the beating heart
hearts that are crying, dying murdered hearts
strangled in the maze of plastic people
with cold dispassionate plastic hearts
©dorianna ric   
all rights reserved     
I’ve shared this poem with dverse open link night when we can share a poem on any subject we like.
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