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On The Strings Of A Heart

how is it possible
one day to love someone
enlivened with just one thought, one kiss, one moment
as if you’ve soured to the heavens
drifting on wings of angels

tomorrow arrives
effervescent beauty of yesterday’s love
metamorphic agony of today’s heartache
a tornadic storm
whipping emotions erupt
drastic climate changes annihilating
all that is tender

one wonders where does the beauty go
when love turns to hate

bemused by the fate of heartbreak
anguished by the storm
adrift on winds of inner turmoil
should one conclude
love and hate ~ same emotion
calming, sensual breeze
becomes a violet windstorm
nature takes it course
on the strings of a heart

©Dorianna 2015
All rights reserved



I was created
the other half of you
destined to fill the hole
in your soul
to replace
the missing part
in my heart
to complete you
by completing me

a harmonious union
we were two
imperfect souls
the missing links
now connected
the puzzle solved
the answers reached
two souls evolved
perfected love
is now complete


© Dorianna 2013

What Would You Say

What would you say if you knew that I loved you
Would you invite me always to walk by your side
Would my loyalty overwhelm you
Would you abruptly brush me aside

What would you say if you were my refuge
With gentle strength would you hold me near
Would my need seem so weighty
That you’d take flight in fear

What would you say knowing you were my star
Would your reflection serve as my guide
Would you desert me in darkness
With arrogance in your stride

What would you say if my heart was yours
Would we join hands in a union of souls
Would you refuse to walk holding hands
painting my heart the color of coal

What would you say to my burning hunger
Would you own me in the blazing fire
Would you run from the flame
Leaving me to freeze my desire

Give thought to these questions I pose
Will you accept the love I offer today
Will I always be wondering
Just what you would say

© Dorianna 2012

Veiled in Black


I veil my heart

wrapped in black

so as not to reveal

my transparent love

that keeps getting larger

© Dorianna 2011 all rights reserved

Majestic Crowning of Love

Why do we hold back
when our heart wants to speak
why can’t we reveal
the feelings deep within
lay bare our souls in honesty
let down impenetrable walls
open wide the entrances
to the springtime of our affections
welcome each other in the glow
flame of passion that thaws
the winter frost of darkness
why instead are we destroying
every vestige of affection
must we continue to strangle
until the heart we annihilate
becomes our own~ must we persist
until we destroy each other
displaced by lack of admission
reaching the point of no return
when one whispered word
one outstretched hand
one opened doorway
would fill our yearning souls
with the taste of exotic fruits
the vibrant regalia of rainbow colors
electromagnetic emotions
orchestrated symphonies of the heavens
and the majestic crowning of love

© Dorianna 2011

Parchment of My Heart

On the parchment of my heart

love penned your name

in indelible ink

never to be erased

© Dorianna 2011

Plastic Hearts



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