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Freedom Flight
This was my first attempt at Flash Fiction provoked from a prompt. After I wrote this I then went on to write the same basic story in poetic form. You can read it here  Drifting into Twilight.
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Communal Tongue

watch that in-crowd
baring their clawsgossipers
self-righteous quidnuncs all
no matter what you’ve done
communal tongue is a gun
always appalled
they fire their bullets
their judgment is quick
condemnation pricks
you’re the outcast

cheer up
that’s the best part of all

© dorianna ric
all rights reserved

This poem is response to Quadrille #64 challenge @ dversepoets.com

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Agony is a Dancer

agony is a dancer

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Double-Sided Tongue

forked tongue

the vile tongue of hypocrites
does comprehend soon enough
a despicable tongue is double-sided
turns to bite back in due season
there is no respect among the diabolical

fiendish deeds are like a mirror
one’s acts repeated upon the evil doer
he does come to know in darkness
full recompense for his injustice
he weeps in sad regret too late

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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random misgivings
no sense
no cohesion
observing life
through clouded eyes
silent screams
frightening recollections
wicked deeds in silence
creeping on the child at sleep
dirty secrets
never tell
threatening whispers
yes! madness
madness is her hell
madness serves her well

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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Self-appointed Victor


Night grips as the self-appointed victor
strikes with unwelcome masculine force

Wielding brawn ~ inflicting torture
to subjugated silken flesh

Dominating the woman’s body
to asphyxiate her feminine spirit

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved



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Trespasser of the Dark


she sneaks into my hearth
to rob the drippings of my brush
animated images ~ my life and loves
stalks my inner sanctuary
seeking glory for herself

she must have no conscience
hollow with no heart or soul
nothing to draw up ~ bloodless veins
she drinks instead from mine
as a trespasser of the dark


her deception is transparent
thief of my sensual syllables
she can only buy the superficial
 images I paint with words
will never lend her my soul

trespasser of the darkness
behold the plight of the deceiver
man’s glory is only a facade
illusional accolades ~ momentary
prevarication is always unveiled
the reaper will collect his toll

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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The Captor
in a devious darkened cubiclecaptive
captor plots and spins his web
craftily conceals his deception
honied words with guileless semblance
using cautious skill the predator
selects souls with empty veins
fragile creatures with wounded hearts
targets for his machinations
assailant moves with shrewdness
lures his prey craftily to his web
vulnerable souls are captured
in bondage of emotional striations
the abductor adjudges the heart
of his newly detained victims
a prison master feeding venous blood
prepared venom of feigned love
cravings likened to a vampire; captor
owns wounds not unlike the caught
drinking blood of yearning lovers
remaining still in want of heart
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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Rapacious Beasts
rapacious beasts risedemons in angels clothes
to condemn & consume
rising to position
through the blood of men
demons in garb of angels
self-proclaimed judges
possessing no path to purity
no messages from universal fathers
denouncing the sensual gifts
of benevolent creators
employing self-esteemed superiority
seeking the glory of men
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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Plastic Hearts


There are times in life when one experiences darkness, sadness, pain and heartbreak 
Out of such depression was borne this poem.
we exist in a world of plastic
all things composed of plastic parts
plastic people with plastic hearts
gone unadulterated hearts
emotional, affectionate, benevolent hearts
afflicted, sorrowing, broken hearts
vanished, part of an era far far gone
’tis a sad fate indeed; hearts
as if of plastic with self-seeking aims
absent tenderness, love and empathy
merciless hearts, brutal like constructed plastic
simulated, passionless, indestructible
garbage dump of imperturbable plastic hearts
from whence comes consolation for genuine souls
with hearts that emote
soar, love, empathize, anguish, break
where cometh comfort for archaic souls
adherents to the beating heart
hearts that are crying, dying murdered hearts
strangled in the maze of plastic people
with cold dispassionate plastic hearts
©dorianna ric   
all rights reserved     
I’ve shared this poem with dverse open link night when we can share a poem on any subject we like.
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