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all life is parasiticparasites
every living being
feeds from another life form
in order to survive

one would think
a supposed loving
all wise designer
could have devised
a less savage plan


Self-Knowledge Is Sublime

poetry reveals the truths
the center of your being
illumination and the dark
duality none else is seeing

oft-times you’ll discover
reading your own words
an aspect of yourself
you never ever heard

through your poetry
gain the freedom inclined
whether honest or deceitful
desirable or shunned
self-knowledge is sublime


Aged Eyes

as an ancient book
embellished in gold
aged eyes chronicle
truth and wisdom
do you peer deeply
can you read their story

©dorianna 2014
all rights reserved

Black Lagoon

I drowned in a black lagoon
of disparagement
accusations echoing
as I was going down
certain it was my final demise

to my surprise
I fell right thru
the murky bottom
to reach the light of truth
on the other side

resurrected to freedom
from my despair
with the strength to survive
any voice that would dare

to wield a weapon
in opposition to my efforts
or raise a slanderous assault
against my pride

©dorianna 2013

Treasures of Life

golden leaves dancing
to earth in the fall
storm’s end in a rainbow
experienced in awe
blazing sunset paints
an ocean in gold
miraculous beauty
the eye to behold

scent of a flower
in full bloom of spring
a morning choir
song birds on wing
whispered ‘I love you’
embrace for good measure
abundance of love
overflowing its treasure

baby animals frolic
in Mother Nature’s wild
gurgles of joy gushing
from an infant child
kiss from a lover
ease the day’s strife
unmatchable treasure
the beauty of life

©Dorianna 2013

I Am My Words


I write
therefore I exist

I am the voice of the elders
inspired by those who have gone before
I write of truth and expose fallacy
secrets whispered in the wind
or carried on wings of prophetic messengers

I paint my emotions with words
least the weight of those feelings
would crush my soul
writing the love songs
of lovers past and present
I compose the requiem
of broken hearts and shattered dreams

I etch the warnings on stone tablets
condemnation to my conscience
that my words may heal my errors
to restore my hope in a new dawn

my words are the mirror
that reflects my life
my relationship to all things living
my words acknowledge who I am

I write
therefore I exist

© Dorianna 2013

Freedom In My Spirit


majestic lion King of the Jungle
efficacious ~ instilling deference
in the hearts of man and beast
confident ~ walks with courage
formidable prowess ~ mighty hunter
a fighter with an untiring spirit
powerful~ prepared to accept challenge

With similar bravado I face life
stouthearted ~ courage in my loins
conquering my fears ~ confident
undaunted I go forth ~ I accomplish
knocked down I arise to start again
with wings unclipped  I soar upward
forging my way with panache
living boldly with freedom in my spirit

© Dorianna 2011


Beyond The Darkness

beyond the darkness of my mind
with scrutiny I seek to find.
although I search I find not where
the answers are of why I’m here
nor can I find the reason why
we stand and watch our brother die.

beyond the darkness of my mind
I watch as all my dreams unwind.
my heart cries over our sad blight.
our purpose wasn’t just to smite.
I’ve visions of a world of peace
when animosity will cease.

beyond the darkness of my mind
I abscond to freedom from the crime
where comfort lies in harmonic dreams
far from this world’s devious schemes.
beyond the darkness I am safe,
strong and secure from evil’s chafe




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