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Winds of Love


Autumn Leaves by Eredel  deviantart.com

Autumn Leaves by Eredel deviantart.com

one summer day
love rambled in
on a borrowed breeze
settled in my heart

came October winds
love drifted away
with the rustle
of felled autumn leaves








Rose That Survived the Storm


a blossoming flower ~ our rose
unfolding to embrace the sun
with scintillating emotions

hearts emanating ecstatic joy
heated bodies and warm souls
responded to embrace love

then came winter’s chill
we almost withered away
sunny skies turned to grey 
heated emotions began to cool

a bubble of hope that wouldn’t die
spark of promise for another try
warm hands reached in trust
our rose survived the storm

©dorianna 2014

Third Eye Illumination



third eye 

where sunlight
meets the dark
where heaven
condescends to earth
when flesh
merges with spirit
centered duality
third eye illumination
perfected creation
unequaled beautification

© Dorianna 2012

Celestial Promise


A faint kiss in the mist
placed upon his forehead
barely discernible flutter
a windy whisper
arousing wonderment
the fantasm maiden
warming his body
with transmitted light
gone in the mist
from whence she came
exotic secrets await
my cherished one
a celestial promise
an ethereal departure

© Dorianna 2012

Ethereal Butterfly

 ethereal butterfly of purest white
gold dipped wings, truth and light
highest esteemed ~ a quiet life
love renown, your sight a delight
you grace my life with a delicate touch
a whisper of celestial love

© Dorianna 2011

Language of Love

The universal language of love
channels through all aspects
of the lover’s journey
elevates through the splendor
carries through the storms
comforts through the heartbreak

It is the language of love
uniting in harmony each attribute
in due time healing ~ expanding
the capacity to love

Without the language of love
to soothe wounds and regenerate
the universe would surely freeze
from the frigid air of heartbreak
and icy hail of discarded lover’s tears

© Dorianna 2011

Traces of Desire

I paint my syllables

of desire

brushed in colors

surfaced in trails

upon my body

my beloved to trace

© Dorianna 2011

Drifting Into Twilight

Down down into the dark abyss.    
Neither emergent or arrhythmic

a decline as the eagle glides
deliberate and masterful

Unafraid the depths of solitude
embraced as a long awaited friend
quiet void like a yearned for lover
weightless floating snowflake solace

Liberating anguish years of torture.
acquiescent to the Light of Love

eternal drifting into twilight

too late the torturer cries remorse

© Dorianna


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