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Love’s Extraordinary Dream
it’s an ordinary life
living together as onelove's dream
monday begins work week humdrum
tuesday settles into routine 
wednesday laundry, thursday shop
friday gearing down for saturday fun
sunday ice cream with cherries on top
but oh how special the nights 
romance in the air and all is right
you and I under the moonlite
held in your arms
a lover’s delight
seduced by your charms
vanquished lonely nights
you always by my side
love in your eyes
passion that abides
adoration filled with pride
trust in your stride
daily growing as a team
transforms life’s ordinary ride
into love’s extraordinary dream 
©dorianna ric 
all rights reserved
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As the Willow Weeps
strolled the twisted garden path
early dawn, faint luminance parting clouds
hazy shadows in the morning mist
your spirit felt in a wispy reverie
as the willow weeps
fettered emotions broke free
river of tears as memories wept
dispirited bosom hanging low
mourning love as the willow weeps
 ©dorianna ric
all rights reserved 
Written for Quadrille night for the prompt ‘early’ @ dverse
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Festival of Love

lovely butterfly pianist
play your tunes of love
invite romantic turtle doves
harmonize as canaries sing
chirping bluebirds on the wing
fireflies to light the sparks
let’s invite the meadow larks

butterfly festival

every creature large and small
no limits ~ come one come all
to the merry making ball
none refused a jovial entrance
all invited come and dance
lighten up your heavy mood
get into a jocund groove
it’s a festival of love

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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How Many Times the Moon is Blue
do not dismay
that love has absconded
tho it was often said
once in a blue moon
I say tis true
the moon glows blue
many more times than once
do not feel forsaken
opportunity knocks twice 
or thrice or more
all is not lost
your ship will come in
so strike or strike not
the iron stays hot
until you run out of power
keep hope in your heart
joy in your soul
fear not
nothing is lost forever
there is always more fish in the sea
whenever you’re ready to cast your net
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
This ditty was written for  a prompt on adages at  dversepoets.com 
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Presence of Love
so long I  waited 
the days we spent 
friendship thrived
we were inseparable
there is a lover
you are her world
in the moonlight
she weeps
and so still  I wait
will it be always
waiting for you to notice
presence of love
in my heart for you
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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Fair Maiden Waits

across an ocean bluemaiden waits at sea
fair maiden stands
on white-hot sands
waiting for you

a promise of hope
is her strength to cope
nary a falter
her love never altered

with a heart that’s true
unaware of your guise
hope in her sighs
across an ocean blue
fair maiden waits for you

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved



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Death on Velvet Green

lying on
the velvet green
I dream
of the gleam
your green eyes
lit with flames
how we danced
in a trance
licking at our lust
till hearts burst
with inundated love

lying on
the velvet green
I scream
memories fade
reality strikes
nightmare awakens
pain again
an icy blow
that struck my heart
loveless goodbye
took my breath
an internal death

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved


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Fearless Love

too long a time
left without barricade
my heart was defenseless

childhood abandonment
created scars; scabbed wounds
strong as a brick wall
entombed my heart

panic guided relationships
hysteria drove love away
absconding from affection
solitude was my stronghold

then there was you

how you found your way
beyond the bricks and mortar
mystifies me still

an honest smile
a silent understanding
a compulsive love

now I have a love story
written in your name
hope replaces fearfulness
love owns the blame

©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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©dorianna ric
all rights reserved

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On The Strings Of A Heart

how is it possible
one day to love someone
enlivened with just one thought, one kiss, one moment
as if you’ve soured to the heavens
drifting on wings of angels

tomorrow arrives
effervescent beauty of yesterday’s love
metamorphic agony of today’s heartache
a tornadic storm
whipping emotions erupt
drastic climate changes annihilating
all that is tender

one wonders where does the beauty go
when love turns to hate

bemused by the fate of heartbreak
anguished by the storm
adrift on winds of inner turmoil
should one conclude
love and hate ~ same emotion
calming, sensual breeze
becomes a violet windstorm
nature takes it course
on the strings of a heart

©Dorianna 2015
All rights reserved

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