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Quixotic Star

I delight in watching you when you’re unaware
it’s my good fortune to love a man like you
what magnanimous deed could I have done
to garner the unconditional love you return

surreptitious moments are my guarded jewels
when admiringly my eyes trace you unawares
when you are the perfect, imperfect man I love
each nuance revealing the unfeigned you

I’m creating memories to last my lifetime
my private motion pictures to view at whim  
falling in love repeatedly with the quixotic star
my romance hero..love of my life

© dorianna 2014


I glimpsed your face and felt your smile
corners of my mouth began to curl         
warmth of your love encircled me
fiery passion stirred within my loins
my lips felt the impression of yours
my fingers grasped your hand
adoring love poured from my heart
momentary thought, a remembrance
I languished in your admiration
time stood still while my recollection
transported me to where I belonged

© Dorianna 2011

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