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What Would You Say

What would you say if you knew that I loved you
Would you invite me always to walk by your side
Would my loyalty overwhelm you
Would you abruptly brush me aside

What would you say if you were my refuge
With gentle strength would you hold me near
Would my need seem so weighty
That you’d take flight in fear

What would you say knowing you were my star
Would your reflection serve as my guide
Would you desert me in darkness
With arrogance in your stride

What would you say if my heart was yours
Would we join hands in a union of souls
Would you refuse to walk holding hands
painting my heart the color of coal

What would you say to my burning hunger
Would you own me in the blazing fire
Would you run from the flame
Leaving me to freeze my desire

Give thought to these questions I pose
Will you accept the love I offer today
Will I always be wondering
Just what you would say

© Dorianna 2012

Hideaway Cocoon

‘Please’ was his adjuration
the consuming empty ache
silent screams of urgency
to be released from prison walls
‘Love me” the effusion
from his cubicle of hell
’embrace me’ desperate yearning
within his heart and loins

‘Yes’ she cried out bravely
to his lonely heartfelt plea
as she willingly extended
her heart to set him free
her embrace of tenderness
should have allayed his ache
loving blanket of safety
that his heart may never break

Love he begged~ she gave
a future filled with hope
‘you found me’ he shouted
in momentary joy
Stark was the moment
when vulnerability set in
enwrapping his heart
with the demon of misgiving
he spun his hideaway cocoon

© Dorianna 2012


Babbling Brook


Remember when we would walk
and sit by the edge of the brook
listening to it babble our love song
musky smell of moss covered rocks
arousing our senses with desire

afternoon breeze caressing our skin
your moistened kiss shaping my lips
immersed in the discovery of new love
lets take a walk by the brook today
and remember when we first fell in love

© Dorianna 2011


My Refuge In You

I was lost ~ immersed in loneliness  
adrift in a tempestuous sea


 storm clouds blurred my visibility
gray bleakness was all I could see

In the foggy mist there you were
melodic whisper calling to me

within the tumultuous storm
your oath of love for all eternity


Yielding ~ I found my refuge in you
suddenly the storm became my friend

© Dorianna 2011

Sunshine of Your Love

The sunshine of your love
bathes me in internal warmth
overflowing my heart with affection

Heats me in scorching passion
erotic desire my soul on fire
sating my every sensual request

Colors the attributes of my life
profusion of love and ecstatic joy
with the intensity of a blazing sunset

The sunshine of your love
blankets me with eternal promise
embraces my soul as its own

I acquiesce to the sunshine
illumined with a radiant glow
reflection of the glory of love

© Dorianna 2011

Neglected Book of Love

Our book of love

moldy with neglect

yellowed  pages filled

with wrinkled misconceptions

dogeared edges beyond repair

blanched from passion paled

© Dorianna 2011

Blown Away

 Blown away with thoughts of you

© Dorianna 2011

You Were the One

You were the one and only
found the entrance held the key
to my heart locked long ago
to the depths of my soul
as if there was no lock at all

you were my peer my teacher
became my friend my student
your faith was my inspiration
your imagination my delight
your pleasure was my heart beat

in every waking thought
my every conscious deed
every hope and aspiration
within my midnight dreams
perpetually for you alone

© Dorianna 2011

Lover to Friend Dilemma

Today a lover forever the promise

tomorrow a friend though love didn’t end

How does one differentiate when

aspires to return to lover again

where is the line drawn

perhaps it is just semantics


Mixed emotions, misconceptions

assumptions, inconclusive verdicts

green light all’s well red light don’t emote

amber pause when anxieties grow

arrest emotions lock up the heart

perspective not clearly defined.


Friendship lives in the heart

love overflows from the soul

are the two really divisible

love’s bounty encompasses all

forfeit the heart placate the fears

blockading the flow of a lover’s fountain

© Dorianna 2011


Don’t Walk A Lonely Path

I listen to your words
while you claim your love has died             lonely
deep within your eyes
there is sadness you can’t hide

your fear and self-denial
has nipped the bud of my emotion
my anguish and despair has
wept tears to fill an ocean

with complete abandon
allow yourself to feel
the painful insecurity
with love and trust will heal

love is not what prevents
a soul from being free,
love’s not blind, does not ensnare
but comforts like the willow tree

with passion and devotion
adoration that’s complete
the lock around your heart
opens to find relief

the world becomes a haven
a warm embracing home
don’t turn from the greatest gift
to walk life’s path alone

©Dorianna 2010

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