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Tears of Heartbreak


Language of Love

The universal language of love
channels through all aspects
of the lover’s journey
elevates through the splendor
carries through the storms
comforts through the heartbreak

It is the language of love
uniting in harmony each attribute
in due time healing ~ expanding
the capacity to love

Without the language of love
to soothe wounds and regenerate
the universe would surely freeze
from the frigid air of heartbreak
and icy hail of discarded lover’s tears

© Dorianna 2011

The Greatness Inside of Him

She misses his devilish laughter
when he playfully teased
his eyes that dance with life
inside his exterior prison walls
his loyal enduring strength
day after strenuous day
his care for the wounded souls
his wit his fertile imagination
his delightful sensual expressions
his endearing boyish charm

All this and abundantly more
is missed within her soul
yet she does not weep for the loss
of what could have been
tears she cries flow instead
that he may never understand
nor glimpse the man she sees
or find the way to set free
the greatness inside of him

© Dorianna 2011

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