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Tears of Heartbreak


The Beast Stalks

Afflicted is to feast on those who peddle flesh
Evil is to feast on the unsuspecting innocent    

Afflicted is to cry out with a plea for help
Evil is to prey without mercy upon the helpless

Afflicted is to let what is truth be unveiled
Evil is to conceal rather than reveal

There exists man afflicted with disease
There remains a beast who devours whom he pleases

Would one desire the beast to befriend
Demise to the heart the soul’s fateful end

Trophies of the fallen collection of hearts
Fatal wounds by the beast with poisoned darts

© Dorianna 2012


random misgivings
no sense
no cohesion
observing life
through clouded eyes
silent screams
frightening recollections
wicked deeds in silence
creeping on the child at sleep
dirty secrets
never tell
threatening whispers
yes! madness
madness is her hell
madness serves her well

© Dorianna 2012

Fame is a Fading Whisper

from her seaside ivory tower
empty now of gaiety
to the rocky shore’s edge
deep into the dark blue sea

a foreboding call she answered
seeking eternal quietude
until all that remained
a sheet that wrapped her naked body

an eternal accolade
for a star’s final performance
lifted by trade winds
floating to the heavens
fame is a fading whisper

©dorianna 2012


Alone in the forest
she circles in trepidation
carnivorous creatures all
her heart ~ her soul
their endless focus
her misery their torturous delight
her madness their destructive goal

the trees provide no shelter  
mock her search for acceptance
the birds of prey ~ vultures
waiting her final collapse
she circles her dark prison
whirling deep deeper into an abyss

screaming for a word of comfort
a hand held out in warmth
an understanding heart
to long she’s wept alone
tired of the forest
the taunting continues
the derision her anguish

she has fought too long
for a way out of the forest
she begs the beasts
devour me at last
free me from this torment
they do not care
they do not listen
her torment is their mirth

© Dorianna 2011

Burgundy Drops

Burgundy drops

from my bleeding heart

paint the words

of my wounds

© Dorianna 2011

The Captor

In a devious darkened cubicle
the captor plots and spins his web
craftily conceals his deception
honied words and guileless semblance

With cautious skill the assailant
selects souls with empty veins
fragile creatures with wounded hearts
targets for his machinations

The assailant moves with shrewdness
lures his prey slowly to his web
vulnerable souls are captured
in bondage of emotional striations

The abductor adjudges the heart
of his newly detained victims
prison master feeding the veins
prepared venom of feigned love

With needs of a vampire the captor
owns wounds not unlike the caught
drinking blood of yearning lovers
remaining still in want of heart

© Dorianna 2011

Ravenous Beasts

ravenous beasts rise              religion
to condemn & consume          

demons in garb of angels
self-proclaimed judges

possessing no pathway
to the true universal father

denouncing sensual gifts
of the benevolent creator

for self-esteemed superiority
seeking the glory of men

© Dorianna 2011

Infidelity’s Aftermath


Seated motionless

Unaware of the passage of time

Blank stares, Oblivion

Caring not one’s whereabouts Crushed

Inflamed anguish of a broken heart.


Internal groans,

Pardon pleads the essence of this soul.

Sincerest emotions

Masked by accusations

Consequences of an error past.

© Dorianna 2011

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