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Celebrate the Music of the Earth

music is alive
in the hearts of men
music-of-the-earth2-110x150in the roar that is heard
in the lion’s den

in the morning song
of the meadow lark
in the electric spark
lighting the skies
in the stormy dark

gardens may whither
man’s work may falter
music in creation
will renew celebration

the song that lives
in the soul of the earth
will never grow old
land and the seas
skies and the breeze
will sing of its recreation

©dorianna 2013 All rights reserved

Third Eye Illumination




Sensual Spirituality


The journey to genuine spirituality
is not a gray bloodless pathway
void of animation lacking vibrancy
demanding abstention of the earth’s gifts

Spiritual cognizance opens to an encompassing
chromatic rainbow of sensory wonder
extending the invitation to experience
all creation with enlivened senses

Deny the sensuality of your created self
is to rebuke the beauty of a blazing sunset
denounce the magic of holding a newborn child
or curse the fragrance of a garden of roses
It is the sensual ~ every titillating nerve ending
experiencing awakened sensory sensations
rendering an all-embracing wonderment
stirring the curiosity that elucidates

A life rich in sensory experience
is an education in the seasons of life
earthly pathway to universal discernment
illumining the eternal spiritual self



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