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Self-Knowledge Is Sublime

poetry reveals the truths
the center of your being
the illumination and the dark
duality no one is seeing

oft-times you’ll discover
as you read your words
an aspect of yourself
you never ever heard

through your poetry
you gain the freedom inclined
whether honest or deceitful
desirable or shunned
self-knowledge is sublime


Parchment of My Heart

On the parchment of my heart

love penned your name

in indelible ink

never to be erased

© Dorianna 2011

Plastic Hearts

We exist in a world of plastic
all things composed of plastic parts
plastic people with plastic hearts.

Gone unadulterated hearts
emotional, affectionate, benevolent hearts,
afflicted, sorrowing, broken hearts.
Vanished! Part of an era far far gone.

‘Tis a sad fate indeed, hearts
as if of plastic with self-seeking aims.
Absent tenderness, love and empathy.
Merciless hearts, brutal, constructed plastic,
simulated, passionless, indestructible.
A garbage dump of imperturbable plastic hearts.

From whence comes consolation for genuine souls?
Souls with hearts that emote,
soar, love, empathize, anguish, break.
Where cometh the comfort for archaic souls,
adherents to the beating heart?
Hearts that are crying, dying, murdered hearts.
Strangled in the maze of plastic people
with cold dispassionate plastic hearts

© Dorianna 2011


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