To A Unknown Dream
woke up in a sweat
terror running thru my blood
body trembles
like a rumbling earthquake
what is this nightmare
left me shaken
I cannot recall
how do I escape
my slumberous self
will this nightmare return
to do me more harm
so I bleed this fear
cry some tears
calm my edges
with a poem
to an unknown dream
©dorianna ric
all rights reserved
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4 thoughts on “To A Unknown Dream

  1. Nicely done!

    By the way, Dorianna, I love the name you have picked for your blog. Your title happens to be the shortest description of my notion of what makes a poem a poem that I’ve come across. It’s the shortest by one word. My best has been, “No metaphor, no poem”. Unless you object, I’d like to borrow your blog title. “Paint with words. No metaphor, no poem.” I’ll start saying that to folks who ask me “What is poetry?” now.

    Do you have any forms of self-expression besides poetry? Just curious. From your pic, I’d guess you express yourself through clothing too. What else, may I ask?

    I blog. I paint. I write poetry.

    1. Hello Paul, I would rather you not use my title…writing is a creative craft that expresses individual thought and original inspiration…true there is not much left that is original with everyone wanting to copy but I like to hold on to mine as much as I can so it does not become overused like the word, ‘love’. Surely if you write and paint, both creative activities you can find a way to express the same thought in your own words. Thank you for visiting and your thought out comments. Much appreciated.

      1. I’m sorry, Dorianna, I should have made it clear I was joking.

        I believe, however, I’ve heard the phrase “paint with words” before. You might want to google it in quotes, see what you find. I myself often re-invent the wheel. It happens.

        1. Yes, Paul, I have heard it…mostly after I have started using it. I have had that blog for a long time and had that name on my twitter account as well…changed it a few years ago because others were using it. I had never heard it before but I have no doubt someone may have…I only hate to see it overused.
          There is really nothing new entirely, not a phrase that short anyway.

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