Twisted Paths of Life


The strange twisted paths of life
delusive smooth riding blacktop;
free-falling ride of dreams unfolding
winding parkways of beauteous landscapes
avenues of pleasant expectations
alleys of promise for the sojourner

Awaken foolish ambler; reality strikes
out of control into the misfortune
traffic accidents on the circle of life
Struck down into abysmal gutters
seeming failure, soul cries out despair
cobbled outgrowths thwarting your ambition

Fear not, the path is only obscured
each rutted road is a lesson journeyed
gnarled struggles moving you forward
twisted alleys forcing concentrated effort

Failure is illusion, a pause ~ an amber light
take the green light of fulfillment ~ venture
courageously the lurking unknown paths
the journey is perfected if you do not tire out

© Dorianna 2011

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