Waiting Game

Waiting . waiting . waiting . expectation
a waiting game of disappointments
convinced each time will be different
she waits . hopes . cries in realization

He never shows up anymore
leaves her with a heart that’s sore
bound by love . habit she can’t break
he makes promises . and she waits and waits

© Dorianna 2011

One thought on “Waiting Game

  1. Waiting

    Found a heart in the train station
    amidst a rush of steam
    under the bench in the waiting room
    over on platform 5
    past impatient commuters
    before the lovers journey
    after searching the display
    in-between heavy bags and coats
    pressed into a small space
    beating a song of freedom
    feeling its own darkness
    escaping until now -alone
    so I picked it up
    kissed its welcome curves
    and we left together….xxx

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